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*UPDATED 2020* Brisbane Secondary School Ranking | OP/ATAR results in Grade 12

Gold Coast high school ranking
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If you are interested in finding out about Brisbane high school ranking for year 12 results based on OP results, then we’ve got the most up to date information on Brisbane school rankings right here.

(You can find best high schools in Brisbane 2020 based on Year 9 NAPLAN 2019 results here)

This article will show you the best Brisbane high school ranking 2019 based on academic performance.

Brisbane secondary school OP results 2019 school ranking

Secondary school ranking for Brisbane in 2020 is now available using OP scores from Year 12 students gained in 2019.  The rankings below for Brisbane schools are extracted from Year 12 OP results.

Of course, pure academic results don’t tell the whole story about what makes a school the one of the best high schools in Brisbane.  Kids get so much more from school than simple academics, so if your school of choice isn’t one to the top schools in Brisbane based on THIS leaderboard for these results, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a great place to send your child.

These are the statistics for you to draw your own conclusions. Brisbane high school ranking using the secondary school OP results table is a guide for parents.  BUT it’s NOT the be all and end all of choosing the right school for your child.

What are the best high schools in Brisbane 2020?

The results you see below were drawn from the Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority. It is a large document and we have taken only a small amount of the data to display here so it is easy to understand.

You can use the link to the QCAA to dig deeper into all of the Queensland results and find the results you need for schools outside greater Brisbane as those are not collated on our list. We have only collated greater Brisbane schools data, you will find the high school ranking for the WHOLE of Queensland on that link.

NOTE: Brisbane high school ranking 2020 (this years results reported on in 2021) will be difficult to ascertain as the results of individual students and whole schools will be affected by the response to Covid.

It will be more important than ever to visit a Brisbane High School OPEN DAY.  We updated our school Open Day dates every month. – click here.

Best High School in Brisbane – Academic Results

The following list is the top schools in greater Brisbane that received the highest percentage of OP scores 1-5 from their cohort.

The school in position 1 on this list gained 55.6% of their cohort with OPs 1 – 5.

The school in position 60 on this list gained 21.4% of their cohort with OPs 1 – 5.

  1. Queensland Academy (Science, Maths Technology) Toowong Campus
  2. Brisbane Girls Grammar, Brisbane
  3. Brisbane Grammar School, Brisbane
  4. St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School, Corinda
  5. Brisbane State High School, Brisbane
  6. Cannon Hill Anglican College, Cannon Hill
  7. Anglican Church Grammar, South Brisbane
  8. Ormiston College, Ormiston
  9. Queensland Academy Creative Industries, Kelvin Grove
  10. Somerville House, South Brisbane
  11. Brisbane Boys College, Toowong
  12. Mt St Michael’s College, Ashgrove
  13. Ambrose Treacy College, Indooroopilly
  14. St Joseph’s College (Gregory Terrace), Brisbane
  15. Saint Rita’s College, Clayfield
  16. St Peter’s Lutheran College, Indooroopilly
  17. All Hallows School, Brisbane
  18. Calvary Christian College, Carbrook
  19. Cavendish Rd State High School, Holland Park
  20. St Johns Anglican, Forest Lake
  21. The Gap State High School, The Gap
  22. St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School, Ascot
  23. Loreto College, Coorparoo
  24. Villanova College, Coorparoo
  25. The Lakes College, Mango Hill
  26. Citipointe Christian College, Carindale
  27. John Paul College, Daisy Hill
  28. Moreton Bay College, Manly West
  29. The Springfield Anglican College, Springfield
  30. Kenmore State High School, Kenmore
  31. Brisbane School of Distance Education
  32. Lourdes Hill College, Hawthorne
  33. Sandgate District High School, Deagon
  34. Clayfield College, Clayfield
  35. Stuartholme, School, Toowong
  36. Mansfield State High School, Mansfield
  37. Sheldon College, Sheldon
  38. Marist College, Ashgrove
  39. St Paul’s School, Bald Hills
  40. Indooroopilly State High School, Indooroopilly
  41. West Moreton Anglican, Karrabin
  42. St Patrick’s College, Shorncliffe
  43. Padua College, Kedron
  44. Wynnum State High School, Manly
  45. Mary MacKillop, Nundah
  46. Northside Christian College, Everton Park
  47. Redeemer Lutheran College, Rochedale
  48. St Peter’s Lutheran College, Springfield
  49. Redlands College, Wellington Point
  50. Iona College, Lindum
  51. Holland Park State High School, Holland Park
  52. Kelvin Grove State College, Kelvin Grove
  53. Rochedale State High School, Rochedale
  54. Craigslea State High School, Chermside West
  55. Brisbane Adventist College, Mansfield
  56. St Joseph’s Nudgee College, Boondall
  57. St Laurance’s College, South Brisbane
  58. Aspley State High School, Aspley
  59. Faith Lutheran College, Redlands
  60. Kedron State High, Wooloowin

I wonder how the ATAR results 2020 will change this list?

Are they the top high schools in Brisbane?

Remember, this league table is only based on the % of students who received a OP Score of 1-5. Any league table based on any single outcome measure tells very little about the effectiveness of a school program or what students really get out of their 13 years at school. Such lists fail to recognise that a good education is more than just preparation for exams. Schools design their curriculum to meet the particular needs of their students and help them to reach their potential.

This table does not take into account the other ranges of OP scores – to see a larger sample with the range of OP Scores 1-15 use the link above to the QCAA results for the whole of Queensland (be ready, it is a HUGE document!!)

Catchment, school reviews and other Brisbane school information

Map of Brisbane school catchment areas

Many state primary and secondary schools in Brisbane have a catchment limitation.  This means that if you’re not in the area, you’re likely not in the school!  Learn more about primary & secondary school catchments here. 

Families Magazine also provides Parent Fact Sheets on top schools in the greater Brisbane area which give an overview of many primary and secondary schools – visit our schools & education articles to find all the information you need when considering a school for your child. If you’re considering a school that doesn’t have a fact sheet, please comment below – we’ll get right on it!

Again, just because these are the top performing secondary schools in Brisbane, doesn’t mean that your secondary school isn’t a wonderful match for your child!  Secondary school rankings only rate one area of school life! At Families Magazine, we believe that education is a life long journey, not a test result!

What’s the difference between the OP rank and ATAR?

The ATAR is a finer-grained rank order of students than the OP and is commonly used in other states and territories. It’s a number between 0.00 and 99.95 with increments of 0.05, whereas the OP consists of 25 bands. The Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) is responsible for calculating students’ ATARs.

Find out about how the ATAR  system will affect your child by reading our detailed article here.

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