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Meet the Families Magazine team from South East Queensland who value community, responsive parenting and education. We know because we go!

About Us – Our core values

The staff at Families Magazine are geographically spread out but philosophically linked. They hold close to the same core values and ensure that they are central at all times.

The core values at Families Magazine are:

  • Inclusivity
  • Equity
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Literacy

About the Families Magazine team…

Families Magazine Team Janine

About the Author – Janine – Editor

Janine took a sidestep from secondary education to become a magazine editor in 2010 to create a sense of work/life balance. Those two roles may seem contradictory but it’s working well so far! Her tenacious, genuine approach allows her to really get to know her staff, her audience and her business partners. Janine believes in education, equality and engaging children in positive, authentic experiences.

Janine has a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) majoring in Social Sciences from QUT and when she has time teaches in the QUT Faculty of Education.

Families Magazine Team Dana

Dana – Digital Strategist

Dana is an integral part of the team and brings with her over 15 years’ experience working in the media. She is passionate about the building of community as well as working in a collegial, supportive, female-friendly environment. Families Magazine provides the perfect opportunity for those interests to come together in a way that benefits thousands of readers.

Dana has a Bachelor of Arts from QUT.

Families Magazine Team Jesse

Jesse – IT Guru

Jesse has been with Families Magazine since its online inception. He answers all of the “How do I…” and “Why isn’t it…” questions that the team love to throw at him. It’s his goal to empower his colleagues to allow them to be able to deliver high-quality information and content to the local community.

Jesse has a double degree in Business and IT from QUT.


Families Magazine Team Lou

Lou – Content Creator/Writer

Lou is passionate about literacy, the promotion and fostering of resilience in children and mental health awareness for adolescents.  Working with Families Magazine means that she can engage with a community that focuses on responsible, engaged and pro-active parenting. She finds connecting families with experiences and products that improve their lives hugely rewarding.

Lou has a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) majoring in English from QUT.

Families Magazine Team - Natalie

Natalie – Listings Editor

For over 20 years Natalie has worked in the not for profit space, including Cancer Council Queensland. She excels in marketing and communications roles and loves to find events and activities for our readers. As mum of two spirited girls aged 1 and 3, Nat’s number one passion is enjoying new experiences with her family. This takes her out and about exploring and reporting back for Families Magazine readers.

Natalie has a Bachelor of Communication from Griffith University as well as a Graduate Certificate in Business from University of Queensland.

Families Magazine Team Jaclyn

Jaclyn – Graphic Designer

Jaclyn Cochrane, a mum-of-two has been living and breathing design for over twenty years. This gentle creative loves to make art. If you can’t find her, you can guarantee that she’s escaped the office and is out exploring with her camera. Jaclyn’s passion for design and photography gives our Gold Coast Magazine it’s unique style and flavour.

Families Magazine Team Suzie

Suzie – Graphic Designer

A designer with over twenty years’ experience (and a self-confessed typography obsessive), Suzie practices peaceful, solo parenting. Her passions are promoting creativity and freedom of expression in children. She lives and breathes art and design. Experiencing local culture, visiting galleries and creating abstract art make Suzie’s heart sing.

Suzie has a Bachelor of Graphic Design from the University of Canberra.

Families Magazine Team - Joanne

Joanne – Co-Editor

Joanne loves working with Families Magazine as the experience reflects the realities of parenting in today’s climate. Her focus is on the development of resilience, confidence and independence in children. Self-esteem, self-respect and self-worth are vital skills that Joanne believes children need to learn early to help them grow as adults.

Families Magazine Team Karen

Karen – Videographer and Content Creator

Karen’s dream is that the uniqueness of every child is nurtured, respected and catered for. Her focus as a parent is on celebrating diversity, promoting creativity, embracing the ‘crazy’ and building self-esteem. Families Magazine offers her the opportunity to pursue these interests in a supportive, open environment that accepts and responds to all types of families.

Families Magazine Team - Amanda

Dr Amanda – Educational Consultant

Dr Amanda was a senior lecturer at Queensland University of Technology (School of Early Childhood and Inclusive Education) and currently is a Guidance Officer at Federation University. She is also a registered psychologist. Her research focus has a lot of relevance for the Families Magazine audience, concentrating on delayed school entry, student well-being and school uniform policies. Dr Amanda a the driving force behind Girls Uniform Agenda which was founded in 2017 to advocate for the rights of female students.


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