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st john's anglican college
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Located in beautiful Forest Lake, St John’s Anglican College offers families an independent Anglican school environment that encourages kids to be the best they can be – no matter what form that takes. This is a home of holistic education that challenges students to push past barriers and make the most of their gifts and talents. This is a supportive, friendly environment where your children will feel right at home.

St John’s Anglican College

Built on a foundation of faith, hope and courage this is a school for those looking for a supportive atmosphere with high educational standards. This is a place for the development of the mind – celebrating innovation, creativity, inspiration, wellbeing and nurturing. St John’s Anglican College seeks to prepare students for leadership once they leave the College and embraces the idea of local and global community.

At St John’s Anglican College, teachers are caring and supportive. They are leaders in learning who are focused on providing the best possible educational experience for the children they teach wherein each child’s academic potential is nurtured. Teachers here are innovative and collegial as they explore new ways of teaching and learning with a focus son the future. Parental participation is more than welcomed as community networks are established that are designed to support the transition from school into the world of work. 

What are the co-curricular options at St John’s Anglican College?

There is a wide range of activities, sports, clubs and ensembles that will be perfect for your child. In order to find out specific details, make sure you ask questions when you undertake an enrolment enquiry. 

What are the school fees at St John’s Anglican College?

This information was current as at the school year in 2018 and are calculated by term.

Prep: $1825

Years 1-3: $1858

Years 4-6: $2075

Year 7: $2433

Years 8-9: $2755

Years 10-12: $2923

Where can we find more information?

Have a look around the St John’s Anglican College school website and direct further enquiries directly to the College. 

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