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Loreto College Coorparoo | Parent Fact Sheet

loreto college coorparoo

Why Choose Loreto College in Coorparoo?

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Located in Coorparoo, Loreto College is an all Girls Catholic College from Years 7-12.

Loreto College features a dual purpose year level facility which expands to form a performing arts theatre. It also includes break out spaces, 5 new classrooms and learning spaces inside. This facility has a very tactile environment, great for thinking and learning for adolescents.  The facility prides itself on going back to basics, which includes whiteboards and writeable walls, getting students off technology and back to writing.

The College also houses a multi-purpose centre known as the Mary Ward Centre. Catering for sports, music and performance, the Mary Ward Centre is the heart of the College.

Wanting only the best for each subject taught, Loreto also features state-of-the-art hospitality and home economic kitchens. It also provides students with the best science labs and business labs to work and learn in.

Sport isn’t neglected at Loreto College either. The school has its own 25m heated pool and tennis courts and students participate in a wide range of team and individual sports.

The school also features the 1-to-1 laptop program. Everyone has a laptop and they are exactly the same. On lease to parents, students receive their first laptop in years 7-9, then a second one 10-12. Students are all taught with and to the same hardware. IT technicians are always on hand if anything goes wrong.

Loreto College , Coorparoo

What are the sporting/extra-curricular options at Loreto College?

The school features an amazing music programme including choirs and music ensembles.

They also have an extensive sports program and mandatory PE to year 12.

The school provides students with a language program including choices from French, Japanese, German and Chinese.

Loreto College includes a senior years enrichment program in 11-12. During this time, students go out to the community and help with special schools, St Vincent de Paul, Interact and participate in other Social Justice opportunities.

They also have a  popular Big sister/little sister initiative that begins from day one. Year 7s are allocated a big sister from year 12 where they do a meet and greet and talk about school from the students perspective. Regular meetings and picnics take place on the oval, with big sisters available to talk about everything with their younger sisters. They are there for them throughout the year.

Loreto College provides students with the opportunity to go on the Mary Ward international exchange and Mary Ward connect domestic exchange to other Loreto Schools. They have recently introduced a mission immersions to East Timor and Vietnam.

What are the public transport options to Loreto College?

Loreto College is well serviced by public bus and train.

What are the school fees per term?

Please check the College website for the current Fee Schedule.

What are the boarding options at Loreto College?

There are no boarding options for Loreto College.

Does Loreto College offer scholarships and how do we apply?

Loreto College does not offer scholarships.

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