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Mansfield State High School Parent Fact Sheet

Mansfield State High School Brisbane opened in 1974 as a co-educational secondary school. The school takes pride in the school’s community, based on traditions of the past and visions for the future, and applauds its reputation for high academic standards, positive behaviour and high standards of presentation. This parent fact sheet details the Mansfield State High catchment, fees, uniform, enrolment process and other important need-to-know information for parents looking to enrol their child in the school.

Why choose Mansfield State High School?

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Mansfield State High School ranking is consistently in the top 10 of Queensland state high schools. The school is a culturally rich, inclusive and supportive learning environment built on mutual respect, and promotes individual self-esteem with encouragement for all students to achieve or exceed their potential. Students are given ample opportunity at Mansfield State High to develop achievements in the key areas of academic, cultural, and social programs.

Mansfield State High School QLD believes the very best foundation and opportunities available for students result in great rewards for individual success. Each student is encouraged to achieve their personal best through participation in community service, sport, leadership and teamwork.

Mansfield State High School facilities

Mansfield State High School incorporates conventional and flexible teaching spaces.  The school boasts impressive computer facilities for all year levels, by establishing a substantial number of computer areas within the school.

Sports facilities at the school include a recently-built three-court sized Sports Centre facilitating tennis, indoor and outdoor basketball and volleyball courts and a gymnasium. The centre accommodates the school’s sports program more efficiently and provide a space where large events can take place including assemblies, exams and graduations.

Ovals are well maintained and cover a range of outdoor pursuits. The school also runs a canteen and uniform shop on campus.

Extra-curricular activities offered at MSHS

mansfield state high school

Students in year levels 8, 9 and 10 study English, mathematics, science, studies of society, the environment, history and geography.

As Mansfield State High School students progress through the school’s year levels, they are given more elective subjects to choose. This means moving from a set course of subjects in year 8, to eventually have flexible pathway options in years 11 and 12.

Year 9 students are given core components and 2 elective units each semester, and year 10 students can choose 3 elective units.  Year 11 and 12 students must complete English and maths as compulsory subjects but can then choose various electives.

Specific subjects offered to Mansfield State High School students include:

  • French Immersion
  • Extension French
  • TIC (Technologically Integrated Curriculum) 
  • Music Excellence
  • School-based apprenticeships and traineeships
  • Off-campus university subjects gaining credits to a university degree


Music plays an integral part of Mansfield State High School’s extra-curricular program, with music ensembles rehearsing weekly and a vibrant concert series (including Music in March, Music in May, the annual Jazz Event, and end of year extravaganza, Mansfield Music and the annual Presentation Evening).

The Classroom and Music Extension concert series sees vocal and guitar concerts and a strong representation in the State Honours Ensemble Program, the Creative generation – State Schools On-Stage, with many performers taking up lead roles and solo performances.

Clubs, societies and other activities

Other extra-curricular activities include:

  • Public speaking
  • Debating
  • Participation in the Lions Youth of the Year competition.
  • Participation in the Mt Gravatt Young Achiever Awards
  • School involvement in service and community contribution
  • The Environmental Council
  • Teaching and Learning Gifted and Talented program
  • Writing competitions
  • Celebration of Literature, Reader’s Cup and Reading Group.

Sports at Mansfield State High School

Mansfield State High School are successful in district and regional sport competitions, taking part in cross country, swimming and athletics.

Mansfield school champions include: 2012 Olympian Olia Burtaev for synchronised swimming, Daniel Sciacca for futsal, and Rhiannon Rhodes for baseball. State champions include: Ellen Christison for cross country, Mary Holgate and Jessica Siedlecki for diving,Lachlan Barr for rugby league, Delaney Ronan and Jennifer Spencer for swimming, and Mikaela Williams for touch football.

Mansfield State High School catchment

If you want to know how do you get into Mansfield State High School, the catchment includes MacKenzie, Wishart, Mansfield and parts of Rochedale and Burbank. See the Queensland Government catchment map to see if your address is within the Mansfield State High catchment area. Note that the school is under an enrolment management plan with limited availability for students residing outside the catchment area.

You can find the Mansfield State High School map location here.

Enrolling at MSHS

Enrolments for immediate start are accepted continuously throughout the year for families who live in the local catchment area. Future enrolments are only accepted for the year immediately following.

For children living outside the catchment, the school offers selected entry for students demonstrating excellence in academia, behaviour and effort.

To enrol, visit the school’s website for an application pack.

Mansfield State High School fees

As a state school, there are no fees to attend MSHS other than mandatory charges for resources, camps and excursions, and costs associated with extra-curricular activities. 

Mansfield State High School uniform

The wearing of full uniform is an important part of the identity of the school and all students are encouraged to wear the uniform with pride. As such, all items except shoes must be purchased from the school’s on-site uniform shop.

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Girls’ uniform

The girls’ formal uniform consists of a white short-sleeved blouse with teal trim over teal shorts, skirt or trousers with white ankle socks.

Boys’ uniform

The boys’ formal uniform consists of a teal blue short-sleeved shirt with white trim over grey shorts or trousers, and grey formal socks.

Unisex uniform

There is a formal wide-brimmed hat, sports cap and schoolbags all bearing the school’s logo. For sports, students wear the white and teal school sports polo or house polo with teal shorts and white sports socks. There is a navy blue pullover and scarf for winter wear.

Find out more about Mansfield State High School

Mansfield State High School

: Cnr Broadwater and Ham Road, Mansfield, QLD 4122
Phone: (07) 3452 5333
Email: info@mansfieldshs.eq.edu.au
Website: Click here.


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