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Mary MacKillop College | Parent Fact Sheet


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Why Choose Mary MacKillop College in Nundah

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Mary MacKillop College is a Catholic girls school located in Nundah, in Brisbane. Catering for years 7-12, the College focuses on providing a diverse and dynamic education for young women that respects the dignity and equality of each person, and puts great trust in God.

The College has a tradition that students take part in each day. The MacKillop Minutes is a five-minute break during which students stop and reflect in an almost meditational practice with soothing music.

There are excellent facilities at the college including new science amenities, refurbished drama and music rooms, art rooms, home economics and hospitality facilities, and a sports hall. The college also utilises large public parks that are within walking distance of the campus.

What are the sporting/extra-curricular options at Mary MacKillop College?

Mary McKillop is one of only a few schools in Brisbane that offers cheerleading, with students competing against other cheerleading clubs. Students also take part in Interschool sports (CASA) such as netball and soccer.

The College has a number of music ensembles for students to join including a rock band, acoustic guitar and strings ensembles, and the concert band. There is also a development choir for Years 7 and 8 (Junior Choir), and the main choir – Vocal Attack – open to all students through audition. For Years 10-12 there is also a small singing group for girls who enjoy singing and performing.

Senior art and film and television students attend an art camp at which resident artists conduct workshops and lessons. All work completed during the weekend art intensive contributes to the students’ assessments.

Debating is strongly supported. Mary MacKillop also runs bi-annual trips to Japan and Europe for all students, based on interest.

Creativity and Problem Solving

At Mary MacKillop College, our students are given real life challenges to solve to develop 21st century skills. Our students start their projects with a context. This year our girls were asked to use design thinking skills, using inspiration from their own lives in developing toy trends, wearable technology, food trends and the future of sustainable clothing. These projects are designed with students trying to fix a problem from an area in which they are interested. It is student led with teachers on the side coaching the girls.

Students must research products that currently exist, how these can be adapted to better reflect changes in society and technology, in keeping with our Catholic Social Teaching ideals of Stewardship.  Students have ownership over ideas and need to be cognisant of time management and organisational skills.

Products are designed in collaboration with peers, are peer reviewed with positive feedback on how to improve. Collaboration skills are important, so all students can get the best learning outcomes. Students are encouraged to use design thinking skill getting inspiration from within. The teacher is the coach on the side rather than more traditional didactic pedagogy.

The projects are designed to have students thinking differently about their social impact up-cycling and change in food, technology, textiles and sustainability. The education is 21st century in modern classrooms with a focus on problem solving skills.

What are the public transport options to Mary MacKillop College?

Mary MacKillop College is well serviced by public bus and train, and Red and White Coach Lines School Run.

What are the school fees per term?

School fees, on a per term basis, are within the range of $1000-$5000.

What are the boarding options at Mary MacKillop College?

There are no boarding options for Mary MacKillop College.

Does Mary MacKillop College offer scholarships and how do we apply?

Mary MacKillop College does not offer scholarships.

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