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ambrose treacy college
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Ambrose Treacy College offers a Catholic educational environment for boys in years 4 to 12. Despite the fact that the school only opened in 2015, it has firmly cemented its reputation for providing high quality learning experiences backed by a supportive school culture. The school is located in Indooroopilly, making it easily accessible for a wide range of families on that side of town.

Ambrose Treacy College

There is a lot of interest and demand for places at Ambrose Treacy College. It’s proudly a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition. There is a sense of excitement and innovation at the College that was borne of a rich tradition of 80 years providing quality boys’ education through Nudgee Junior College. Ambrose Treacy College will guide boys through their important formation years into manhood.

This College focuses on the unique educational and pastoral needs of boys to help celebrate their strengths and abilities. It’s a case of ‘knowing what makes them tick’ and teaching boys the way they learn best. 

The school is divided into junior (years 4 to 6), middle (years 7 to 9) and senior (years 10 to 12) schools. Each school within the College has its own specialised approach to correspond with the developmental stage of the students’ learning journey. While each school has its own distinct character, it remains one College in the Edmund Rice tradition.

What are the co curricular options available at Ambrose Treacy College?

There are a wide range of cultural, sporting and club opportunities available for boys at Ambrose Treacy College. These differ year to year as per student demand. If you’d like more information please follow this link. 

What are the school fees at Ambrose Treacy College?

This information was current as at December 2019. These fees are displayed here as annual figures. Please note that there are inclusions and exclusions depending on what is required at each school level including administration and enrolment fees.

Years 4-6: $11,360

Years 7-12: $13,132

Where can we find more information?

Follow this link to visit Ambrose Treacy College online and to make an enrolment enquiry. All the best on your educational adventure! 


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