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Somerville House South Brisbane | Parent Fact Sheet

Somerville House

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Why Choose Somerville House in South Brisbane

Somerville House is recognised as a landmark in education throughout Australia and Overseas.

Located in the inner-city suburb of South Brisbane, Somerville House provides a co-educational Pre-Prep program, classes for girls from Prep to Year 12 across Junior, Middle and Senior sub-schools and Boarding from Year 6.

The School consistently performs amongst the top schools in Australia and offers a safe and supportive environment with renowned academic, cultural and sporting programs and modern boarding facilities.

Pastoral care plays an important role at the school. A sense of belonging is fostered into each student at Somerville House, from the earliest primary years to the senior years. This pastoral care is further enhanced through junior and senior school buddy systems, camps, sporting and cultural activities, Christian groups and community engagement.

The academic environment of Somerville House is best described as progressive, seamlessly combining traditional values, modern day ethics and technology in a dynamic, supportive and challenging environment.

Purpose-built spaces that foster creative learning

A culture of learning inspired by innovation and progressive thinking is the foundation to stimulating creativity in our students. Somerville House offers a broad range of programs and opportunities for students to explore their talents, with a focus on continuous improvement and creative learning practices.

It is widely agreed that creativity is a combination of skill and talent, and environments that are learner-centred, foster both cognitive and metacognitive development of students, enhancing engagement and innovative thinking.

The Robinson Learning Centre is a purpose-built learning centre for our Years 5 and 6 students, designed to create functional learning spaces, adaptive to individual and group learning needs. Flexible configuration options through the use of movable glass walls and break-out spaces, facilitate different modes of learning, and opportunities for students to explore their own ideas, to think for themselves and to take learning risks. The teaching spaces support genuine interaction between students and teachers, providing the opportunity for reflection, self-assessment, and feedback.

Somerville House provides an environment where students can be responsible for developing their own creativity, become confident and independent learners, conscious of their strengths and responsive to the challenges and opportunities they face in their lives. Students are encouraged to liberate their imaginations, develop their talents, explore their interests and strive to meet their goals honourably.

Somerville House Play blocks

What are the sporting/extra-curricular options at Somerville House?

The Somerville House Co-Curricular Program offers students a range of cultural, musical, sporting and social opportunities and provides a framework to identify, match and nurture student skills, talents and interests.

The School’s Music program includes string ensembles, bands and vocal choirs and woodwind, percussion and small string ensembles. Music is very much a part of Somerville House with our choral and instrumental ensembles exemplifying the excellence for which the School is known.

Students have the opportunity to participate in a wide array of sports, both in class lessons and at various competitive levels. Some of the wide range of sports that girls have access to include athletics, badminton, basketball, equestrian, fencing, football, cricket, netball, rowing, squash, swimming, tennis and touch football.

Cultural offerings include art, chess, debating, drama, musicals, mooting, public speaking and Robotics Club, with opportunities to perform and compete throughout the year.

Somerville House Laptops

What are the public transport options to Somerville House?

The South Bank Train Station links directly to Somerville House, providing a great mode of transport to and from the school. The school is also close to two major bus stops – the Mater Busway and South Bank Busway. It is also close by to ferry terminals for students who need to travel over the river.

What are the school fees per term?

School fees, on a per term basis, are within the range of $4000-$6000.

What are the boarding options at Somerville House?

Somerville House offers boarding to students from Year 6 to Year 12.

Boarders enjoy contemporary air-conditioned facilities, purpose-built to cater for the study and lifestyle needs of teenage girls and considerate of the required balance between personal privacy and cohesive communal living.

The Boarding Houses incorporate modern bedrooms and bathroom facilities, shared leisure spaces, in-house kitchen areas, supervised study areas, soundproof music practice areas and balconies overlooking Brisbane city.

Does Somerville House offer scholarships and how do we apply?

Somerville House offers scholarships for academia, music and sport. The academic scholarship exam is held in February each year. Please visit their website for more information.

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