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Ormiston College Ormiston: Parent Fact Sheet

Why Choose Ormiston College in Ormiston

Ormiston College is an independent non-denominational Christian co-educational school located in Ormiston, in Redland City, southeast of Brisbane. Catering for Prep to Year 12, Ormiston College provides quality private education facilities on an expansive 67 acre campus. With winding paths, lush gardens and manicured lawns, the campus is peaceful and tranquil and feels more like a village, with green spaces creating a buffer between the classrooms.

The college has specialist facilities including the Lingo Lin Performing Arts Theatre, a comprehensive Centre for Learning and Innovation and a state-of-the-art Science Precinct featuring 21st century relevant learning spaces including nine purpose-built science laboratories, one of which is specifically appointed for Junior School students, prep rooms and general learning classrooms.

Ample Ssporting fields facilities are professionally maintained, and there are multi-purpose outdoor courts along with the Marsson Aquatic Centre.and include an international standard Athletics Precinct accommodating track and field events, a Sports Centre featuring multi-purpose indoor and outdoor courts, along with an Aquatic Centre with heated swimming pools.

Ormiston College also has an Early Learning Centre for children from 15 months to 5 years of age. ‘Puggles Burrow’, as it’s affectionately named, has excellent facilities and resources and is designed to enhance early development in a fun, safe and nurturing environment.

Creating opportunities for success in an innovative learning environment

Children first enter the school environment with a wide and varied range of experience, abilities, needs and interests. They have a natural curiosity about their world and the world around them. This is the perfect time to introduce teaching and learning programs which encourage and further develop this sense of wonder. In our constantly changing 21st century world, this sense of wonder is more important than ever before as schools have the enormous responsibility of producing young men and women who will be able to tackle the challenges that lie ahead of them in a society that is fast paced, ever changing and technology focused.

From Prep, Ormiston College teachers focus on the development of communication, investigation, inquiry, analytical, creative, literacy and numeracy skills through the different subject areas of English, Maths, Science, Humanities, Digital Technologies, Physical Education and the Arts.

Purposeful exploration in different contexts, across all learning areas, provides students at Ormiston College with the opportunity to also develop socially and emotionally; subsequently allowing them to feel competent and confident in their ability to learn.

Prep at Ormiston College

Prep at Ormiston College is just the beginning of an education that provides students with the opportunity to develop all-important transferable skills which ensure students are future ready.  These vital skills of collaboration, negotiation, problem solving, critical thinking, inquiry and analysis allow students to create. It is through their own ‘creating’ that learning truly happens. 

In a Prep classroom, for example, it is not unusual to see students: pop on their lab coats and safety goggles to make erupting volcanoes; collect and record data about the weather and film their very own weather segment in the Prep newsrooms; and interview wildlife experts as a prelude to using their geography skills to design habitat spaces. The development and mastery of the skills which are integral to the task of creating are a priority of all Ormiston College education programs from Prep to Year 12.

What sets Ormiston College apart from other schools and enables them to create a learning environment where all young people shine, is the pedagogical impact of their innovative teaching and learning. The College’s viable and realistic educational programs provide an important balance between the digital competencies necessary for students to succeed in the 21st century, plus the ability to become effective, confident communicators with strong leadership skills.

These programs have also earned the College international recognition as a trailblazer in educational innovation.

What are the sporting/extra-curricular options at Ormiston College?

Leadership, team effort, and the acceptance of challenge are all important life skills acquired through the college’s strong sporting program. The college is a member of The Associated Schools (TAS) and is well recognised for championship achievements across all sports.

Ormiston College also offers a range of cultural and creative pursuits. There’s a strong music program from which many students are selected for the prestigious State Honours Ensemble. There’s a vibrant visual arts program that begins in Prep with specialist teachers, and continues through to elective arts subjects in secondary years. The college also has a drama program, with students competing in Eisteddfods, and regularly placing at the top of the state in their Trinity College Speech and Drama examinations.

Ormiston College Prep to Year 12

What are the public transport options to Ormiston College?

The College offers several chartered bus services for the exclusive use of Ormiston College students, offering families the option of private bus passage for their children. There are eight bus routes servicing suburbs from Brisbane and the bayside.

  • OC1 – Mount Cotton, Redland Bay, Victoria Point, Thornlands, Cleveland
  • OC2 – Carindale, Gumdale, Chandler, Capalaba, Alexandra Hills
  • OC3 – Rochedale, Sheldon, Capalaba, Alexandra Hills
  • OC4 – Wynnum West, Wynnum, Manly, Manly West, Lota, Ransome, Birkdale
  • OC5 – Victoria Point, Thornlands, Cleveland
  • OC6 – Capalaba, Thorneside, Birkdale, Wellington Point
  • OC7 – Thornlands, Cleveland, Raby Bay, Ormiston
  • OC8 – Manly West, Wakerley, Gumdale, Ransome, Birkdale, Wellington Point, Alexandra Hills

What are the school fees per term?

Prep class at Ormiston College

School fees, on a per term basis, are within the range of $1000-$5000.

What are the boarding options at Ormiston College?

There are currently no boarding options for Ormiston College.

Does Ormiston College offer scholarships and how do we apply?

Academic and General Excellence scholarships are offered for secondary students. Year 7 scholarship applicants are required to sit an examination, while other secondary year scholarships are considered at the discretion of the headmaster. Find out more about Ormiston scholarships here.

When are the Open Days at Ormiston College this year?

The College hosts a series of Headmaster’s Tours throughout the year. Private tours may be arranged by appointment with the Registrar. 

For Brisbane School Open Days – click here

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