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The Most Popular Baby Names for 2017

popular baby names

Oliver and Charlotte have topped the list of most popular baby names registered again for 2017. Oliver has risen through the ranks of boys’ names in recent years, beating the ever-popular Jack and Cooper to take out first place in last year’s list. For girls, Charlotte has again taken the top spot, after Ruby and Sophie alternated in past years.

There has been a shift in the top 10 popular baby names in Queensland between 2015 and 2017, with girl names including Mia, Isla and Evelyn emerging as popular, along with Charlie, Hunter, Lachlan and Mason for the boys. Harper, Ivy, Hudson and Henry are also rising in popularity.


Baby Games for Girls and boys

Popular Boys’ Baby Names in 2017 in Queensland


  1. Oliver
  2. William
  3. Noah
  4. Jack
  5. Harrison
  6. Thomas
  7. Hudson
  8. Hunter
  9. James
  10. Henry


popular baby names

Popular Girls’ Baby Names in 2017 in Queensland


  1. Charlotte
  2. Olivia
  3. Ava
  4. Amelia
  5. Mia
  6. Isla
  7. Harper
  8. Grace
  9. Ivy
  10. Evelyn

Rising Stars for Boys in 2018

1) Harvey

2) Beau

3) Chase

4) Theodore

5) Carter

6) Spencer

7) Ali

8) Harley

9) Darcy

10) Fletcher

Rising Stars for Girls in 2018

1) Addison

2) Penelope

3) Ariana

4) Frankie

5) Charlie

6) Elsie

7) Aurora

8) Billie

9) Lilian

10) Aisha

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