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Kenmore State High School | Parent Fact Sheet

Kenmore State High School

Number of Students: 1583

Why Choose Kenmore State High School?

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Founded in 1972, Kenmore State High School is a secondary school held in high regard in Brisbane’s western suburbs.  Located on picturesque grounds by Moggill Creek, the community focused school is supportive, encourages all young people to pursue education.

Kenmore State High School follows five core values:

  • Excellence; committed to personal excellence.
  • Learning; with a focus on discovering, growing and improving.
  • Integrity; to act with respect, dignity and fairness, demonstrating trustworthiness and responsibility.
  • Belonging; supporting everyone with the opportunity to succeed as a member of a just and equitable community.
  • Partnerships; creating a network of local, regional and international support to build a strong sense of community.

Additional activities offered:

Kenmore State High School offers five programs of learning: German Immersion, Music Extension, Information Communication Education (ICE), Mainstream and Zenith. Both the German Immersion Program and ICE Program are Programs of Excellence.

Strong curriculum based subjects include; science, humanities, music film & television, and drama and the arts.

A senior level chemistry course is available to senior students that runs in conjunction with QUT.  Accelerated programs are offered in mathematics which incorporates a UQ first year mathematics unit.

A number of school organised apprenticeships and traineeships can be arranged on an individual basis and students planning a vocational pathway can take part in a number of niche VET courses including a Cert III in Children’s Services, Cert II in Hospitality, Cert II in Creative Industries and Cert II in Community Recreation.

Student’s welfare and wellbeing is important to Kenmore, and is monitored through the school’s Essentials program that runs every week between years 8 and 12.

Year 12 students are supported by QCS preparation program, with their progress tracked from semester to semester, focusing on growth and personal achievement.

Kenmore State High School students can take part in a wide range of opportunities and extra-curricular activities such as:

  • Debating
  • Public speaking
  • Readers Cup
  • Musical productions
  • Sports (including rowing)
  • Work experience
  • University competitions
  • Art exhibitions
  • Community service groups
  • Instrumental music (approximately 13 bands and ensembles achieve awards at local and national level)
  • World challenge trips

Facilities at Kenmore State High School:

The school offers a 1:1 digital learning program for year levels 10 to 12, with an aim to expand to years 9 to 12.  There are 1600 devices on the school’s network to integrate technology into classrooms.

In 2015, the ICE program will focus on expanding a proposed transition of a Choose Your Own Device laptop rollout for year levels 7 to 9.

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