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Mt St Michael’s College, located in the leafy green suburb of Ashgrove, is a college that is dedicated to providing a premium education option for female students in years 7 to 12. Read on to discover whether this is an option that will work for YOUR family.

Mt St Michael’s College

This is a Catholic secondary college that is completely devoted to the love of learning. Operating under the twin philosophies of faith and love, girls here share the gift of learning with their peers, teachers and administrative staff under the values of hope, justice, love and compassion. 

Mt St Michael’s College is dedicated to cultivating young women with a passion for life, a commitment to justice and the courage to live out the teachings of Jesus. It is a belief here that holistic education is vital and that success can come in all manner of guises. 

Why choose St Michael’s College in Ashgrove?

This is surely a college for girls in the modern age. State of the art facilities, dedicated and enthusiastic teachers and a supportive school culture combine to make this an incredible choice for families in the area (or beyond!).

What are the co-curricular options at Mt St Michael’s College?

The College is rife with opportunities for every type of learner.

  • Art classes and collaborative opportunities
  • Dance classes and ensembles
  • Drama club and theatre sports
  • Music lessons, choirs, ensembles and chamber music programs
  • A wide variety of sporting options (the school is a member of a number of sporting associations that accommodate for all different types of activities)
  • Service groups including Missions of St Vincent, Social Justice Council, Interact and Environment Group
  • Debating
  • Film and Multimedia Club
  • Tournament of Minds
  • Writers Club

What are the fees at Mt St Michael’s College?

The following information was current at December 2019.

  • Years 7 – 9: $2050 per term
  • Years 10-12: 2192 per term

Where can we find information?

Follow this link to put your hand up for the next step in your daughter’s educational adventure. 

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