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Why Choose Stuartholme School in Toowong

Stuartholme School will hold their 2022 Open Day on Saturday, 7 May 2022.

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Stuartholme School is a Catholic girls school located in Toowong, in Brisbane. Catering for years 7-12, Stuartholme has historical buildings and is perched on a hill with beautiful views over the city.

The school has multi-use science labs that have been recently refurbished, a design technology studio, and two fully equipped kitchens.

The Joigny Performing Arts Centre has a 500-seat theatre, a treetop level green room, six rehearsal rooms, recording studio, and indoor and outdoor art facilities.

A feature of the school campus is the impressive chapel, which is renowned for its large intricate stained glass window. The boarding house is another historical feature. Located in the original main building that was first built in 1920, it covers three levels and has a “Hogwarts” style and charm about it.

The campus also has a purpose-built Olympic-standard aquatic precinct including a 25m water polo pool. There are also a number of outdoor courts for tennis, basketball and netball.

Creativity at Stuartholme School

In the past, parents may have seen the word ‘creative’ on a report card, used to describe their child’s personality. But the reality is, all children can be taught to be creative and schools use a vast range of techniques to help build creativity in their students.

Why is building creativity important?

Being creative holds many benefits, but one of the most valuable is the ability to overcome a problem or obstacle. Teaching is not just about providing the answers, it’s about providing the tools to find a solution.  Queensland’s new senior syllabuses are underpinned by 21st century learning skills, including creativity. Other 21st century learning skills include: innovation, initiative and enterprise, curiosity and imagination, creativity, generating and applying new ideas, identifying alternatives and seeing or making new links.

In the Australian Curriculum, students develop capability in critical and creative thinking as they learn to generate and evaluate knowledge, clarify concepts and ideas, seek possibilities, consider alternatives and solve problems. Critical and creative thinking involves students thinking broadly and deeply using skills, behaviours and dispositions such as reason, logic, resourcefulness, imagination and innovation in all learning areas at school and in their lives beyond school https://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/f-10-curriculum/general-capabilities/critical-and-creative-thinking/

At Stuartholme School, creativity is embedded in the curriculum and class plans are designed to include opportunities for students to examine a problem or challenge and devise a plan to reach a successful conclusion.

Stuartholme School Classroom

Project-based learning

Stuartholme uses a teaching method called Project-Based Learning (PBL) in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to a challenge (Buck Institute for Education, 2017).

In Term 1’s Economics and Business classes, students were challenged to design, cost, market and ultimately sell a product at the Stuartholme Open Day. With only some guidance from the teacher, the students were charged with planning their business and solving problems as they encountered them. The moment a student realises their planned business will operate at a loss, they take action to amend their cost structures, ensuring a profit is particularly satisfying to the teachers and students.

Visible learning

Stuartholme teachers are adaptive learning experts. They can create a classroom climate that helps students achieve their learning goals. Through visible learning, teachers can see learning through the eyes of students (Visible Learning into Action: International Case Studies of Impact, John Hattie and Deb Masters, October 2015).

In the Physical Education classroom, students enhanced their creativity recently when they were given a task to design and implement a modified game in their ‘Fair Go’ unit. Students had to come up with a game that was inclusive, accessible and fair to people with a specific impairment.

Whether it is through Project-Based or Visible Learning Stuartholme students are challenging and enhancing their creativity through hands-on lessons, where they can learn from the process of overcoming obstacles, creative thinking and problem solving.

Students do not finish their education when they leave school so it is vital they have the skills and traits that will set them up to be successful, life-long learners.

Empowering students to transform their world

Stuartholme School empowers its students to transform their world. The school’s Social Justice Program increases students’ awareness of social justice issues and provides them with opportunities to take action. The school prepares and inspires students to be active, informed and responsible global citizens.

This year, the school launched a new social justice initiative centred around the school’s theme for the year of Compassion, Connection and Change.

Stuartholme’s Principal, Kristen Sharpe, said the program provides opportunities for every student to be an advocate in supporting the needs of others.

“Our program this year has three areas of focus which gives students a strong voice about a topic that is important to them,” Kristen explained.


The first topic is environmental sustainability. Stuartholme students are passionate about the need to do more for the environment, acknowledging that even a small change can make a big impact.

“130 of the 680 students at Stuartholme are boarders, with the majority of them coming from rural and remote Queensland, so their experiences with environmental issues is often different from that of the day scholars, who have not experienced first-hand the impacts of issues such as drought,” Kristen said.

“The students have been able to work together and learn from each other, which has made for an extremely well-rounded education.”


Another issue close to the heart for Stuartholme is that of refugees. Stuartholme has a history of working with refugees and this year they aim to strengthen this connection through ongoing support to assist refugees and educate the community about the challenges refugees face in our society.

Stuartholme Students


The third focus of our theme is disability. Through our annual Sony Camp, students have a rich history of engaging with and caring for children with disabilities. The students feel very strongly about the need to be actively involved within the disability community to further understand the challenges they face. This extends to everyday injustices in terms of activities, accommodation, resources, employment, education and wellbeing. By focussing on disability, the students have the opportunity to reframe their thinking and language, allowing them to challenge traditional understanding of ability.

“The students will examine each of these parts through the lenses of civic advocacy, social enterprise and volunteering.

Goals of a Sacred Heart

“One of the five Goals of a Sacred Heart education is to educate to a social awareness which impels to action.” Our students are encouraged to seek to understand the causes of social injustice and to explore ways to respond practically and positively.

“As educators of young women we want to ensure our students leave Stuartholme as confident, capable, inspired adults who have a passion to make a difference in the world.”

Find out how Stuartholme can inspire your daughter by visiting the school for an Action Tour.

What are the sporting/extra-curricular options at Stuartholme School?

Stuartholme School is renowned for its equestrian team, and has stables at Samford and Brookfield.

The school is also very strong in water polo with staff and alumni involvement in the Australian water polo team.

Music, drama and art programs are extensive, and the school has seen many alumni go on to excel in these fields.

Stuartholme also has a strong social justice program, working with refugees, homeless people (Homeless connect), and homework tutoring.

Stuartholme School Girls Grass

What are the public transport options to Stuartholme School?

Stuartholme School has its own bus network, and can also connect to the Toowong and Milton train stations.

What are the school fees per term?

School fees, on a per term basis, are within the range of $1000-$5000.

What are the boarding options at Stuartholme School?

Boarding is available for students from Years 7-12.

Does Stuartholme school offer scholarships and how do we apply?

Stuartholme School has academic scholarships and bursaries available.

The Sister Mary Brennan Scholarships of Excellence are for new students entering in Years 7, 10 and 11, and are assessed on academic performance.

The Sharon Beirne Memorial Scholarship provides a 50% remission and is for continuing Year 10 students for their final years of school.

The Nora Leyne Bursary provides financial assistance to daughters of past students.

The Moreen Acton Bursary is offered to continuing Year 10 boarders for the final years of school, and provides a 50% remission of tuition fees.

More information can be obtained from the Registrar at admin@stuartholme.com or phone 07-3369 5466.

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