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Private Secondary High Schools in Brisbane

Are you asking yourself ‘what are the best private high schools in Brisbane’?

How do you choose the best private school for your child?

There are many things to take into account. You could use the following questions to create a checklist:

  • School location
  • single sex or coeducational education
  • school size
  • recent school results (ie NAPLAN, ATAR results)
  • class sizes
  • the types of programs offered – Christian, secular etc

Read our detailed guide to ensuring you choose the best school for your child here.

List of private secondary high schools in Brisbane

We’ve compiled a list broken down into North Brisbane, South Brisbane, Bayside and Western suburbs and a map at the bottom on the list to help you locate the private high schools near you! We’ve even got the Ipswich private schools listed too!

Brisbane Northside private schools

There are a multitude of good private schools on the northside of Brisbane. If the school listed here is clickable, it means we have created a parent fact sheet to give you more information. If it isn’t clickable, please leave a comment below and we will create more information to help local parents make informed decisions.

Brisbane Southside private schools

What is the best private school on the Southside of Brisbane? There are a multitude of factors that you may like consider, find out more from our list of private schools below.

Bayside/Redland private schools

Ormiston College - private secondary schools near me

The Redlands are growing at a rate of knots and have some excellent private secondary schools to choose from. Are these private secondary schools near you?

Western suburbs private schools

If you are looking for the best private school in the Western suburbs of Brisbane, you will be looking at these choices. Which one is best for your child? Click on the links to read more and make an informed decision. It would also be advantageous to attend the Open Day (or Open Morning or Evening…)

Ipswich private schools

Ipswich is another area close to Brisbane that is growing quickly. With new suburbs like Springfield, Springfield Lakes and Debbing Heights the demand for a good quality private secondary school is increasing. Check these ones out to read more about them.

Best high schools – ranking data

You may also want to consider the academic results of (state and) private secondary schools to help you navigate the school choices minefield. You can find Grade 9 secondary school ranking data here and Grade 12 ATAR ranking data for schools in Brisbane here.

Map of the best private high schools in Brisbane

If you are on a desktop computer you can click on the magnifying glass ‘search’ feature. Type in your address (or future address) and locate the nearby private secondary schools near you!

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