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Southern Cross Catholic College: Parent Fact Sheet

Southern Cross Catholic College is a well-established, prep to year 12 co-educational learning environment that just might be exactly what you’re looking for for your child. Here is all the information that you need to know!

Why choose Southern Cross Catholic College?

Families in the far north of Brisbane are lucky to have such an esteemed prep to year 12 co-educational learning environment. Southern Cross Catholic College offers a comprehensive education to each and every student. Girls and boys at Southern Cross Catholic College are presented with a wide range of academic, cultural, sporting and social opportunities within the framework of excellent teaching and high-quality resources.

This truly is the type of school that will help shape your child into the adult they were supposed to become.

Knowledge and understanding to work in the world of tomorrow

Often when we hear the words creative or creativity, we associate it with art, painting, dancing, singing, or sculpting.  When we use these words in the educational environment of today, it broadens its scope to a world that is exciting, challenging, futuristic and engaging. This is exactly what schools need to offer the students of today, to learn and develop their knowledge and understanding to work in the world of tomorrow.

Students need to be creative with their learning and teachers need to be creative with their lesson content and delivery.  At Southern Cross Catholic College, we challenge students from every year level to explore their thoughts and ideas, and to extend them to think outside of the box, while offering learning experiences that go beyond the text book, screen and teacher direction.

Creativity in Prep

In Prep the children were challenged to work as a team to create the tallest possible tower using paddle pop sticks and sticky tape.  After the children created their team design, feedback and suggestions were given from other class members and teachers, on ways they could improve their design for it to be taller and sturdier. With adjustments made the team set off to create their design and test out their ideas. This activity explored concepts of mathematical language, measurement, weight, and explored the skills of design, creative thinking, posing questions, problem solving, investigation and teamwork.

Eagle Hour

Another initiative adopted is that of ‘Eagle hour’, this is where some of high flying creative thinkers are challenged with problem solving activities and research topics of interest.  These children are encouraged to explore and learn about things of interest but are challenged to present their learnings by incorporating technology, art, performance, or other ideas that they may have. This group also participates in the ‘Opti-minds Challenge’ where they are challenged to ‘Think, Create and Communicate’ whilst problem solving against teams from other schools.

Being creative is not hard, and does not always mean ‘more’, often it is the simplest thoughts that lead to a greater and better understanding.

What co-curricular opportunities are available at Southern Cross Catholic College?

There are an absolute plethora of co-curricular activities that students at Southern Cross Catholic College are encouraged to take part in. They include:

  • The Arts: Music, choir, ensemble groups, drama and dance, Theatre Sports, Commedia evenings, visual art exhibitions and adaptations of Greek tragedies feature as both curricular and co-curricular activities. Stage musicals, choral festivals and the annual Cultural Gala are highlights for students of all ages. College Art Club.
  • Music: A wide-reaching instrumental and choral program that caters to all ages and abilities.
  • Sport: Swimming, triathlon, athletics, cross country, basketball, touch, rugby league, rugby union, cheerleading, AFL, netball, futsal and volleyball.

What are the school fees at Southern Cross Catholic College?

The annual fees for tuition at Southern Cross Catholic College range from between $3642 and $6609 (correct as at January 2023).

There are discounts available for younger siblings.

Are there scholarships available at Southern Cross Catholic College?

This college does not currently offer scholarships.

Take a tour!

See the Southern Cross Catholic College difference for yourself. Wait for a College Open Day or contact their reception to arrange a personalised tour of your own.

For Brisbane School Open Days – click here

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