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Looking for somewhere that your child will truly belong? Mueller College offers a uniquely distinct Christian approach to education that sees them consistently performing highly not only in terms of results but in holistic education. Is this the school for you?

Mueller College – What Parents Need to Know

Mueller College was established in 1990 on the premise of offering high quality education in a Christian, co-educational framework. Students from all walks of life are catered to across the year levels. The aim here is to prepare students for life after schooling (and for the rest of their lives) via the application of Biblical principles.

There are a range of academic and vocational programs here that are suited to the needs to all students. These are delivered in modern, state of the art facilities, classrooms and teaching resources. The staff are committed to excellence and bring their own experience and Faith lives to the College. 

Mueller College is located in Rothwell which is near Redcliffe on the north side of Brisbane. It is easily accessible by public transport or car and is situated in picturesque, well cared for grounds. 

What co-curricular options are available at Mueller College? 

There are a wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular options at Mueller College that are designed to suit the interests and talents of every child. For more precise information, it is best to ask this question on a school tour or at an open day.

What are the school fees at Mueller College?

Please note that this information was up to date as at January 2019.

School fees are split across four terms (represented below as a single term figure) and there are discounts available for subsequent children from the same family.

You can find a detailed fee schedule at this link. 

Attend a school tour or open day to find out more. 

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