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Brisbane Montessori School Parent Fact Sheet

Curious about Brisbane Montessori School? Here is some information for parents about this unique educational environment that takes a child-centred approach to learning. See if the following is of interest to you or someone you know!

Why choose Brisbane Montessori School?

Brisbane Montessori School, located in beautiful Fig Tree Pocket, is a special learning environment that caters for boys and girls from ages 0 to 15 years. They are the only Montessori Primary and Middle School in the Brisbane area and are nestled comfortably into a gorgeous rural environment complete with vegetable gardens.

brisbane montessori school grounds

This is a school that embraces the Montessori philosophy of learning. They “observe, guide and follow the individual towards independent learning, through balancing freedom of choices and responsibility within a prepared environment”. This is a school that will meet your child where they are, accept them and help them grow into what they can be whilst empowering them to love learning and fully embrace the world around them.

Brisbane Montessori School follows the Montessori philosophy of having multi-age level learning programmes. Classes are designed as follows:

  • Infant and Toddler Community (0-3)
  • Montessori Independent Toddler Community (15 months-3)
  • Children’s House (3-6)
  • Lower Primary (6-9)
  • Upper Primary (9-12)
  • Middle School (12-15)

Other information about Brisbane Montessori School

There is NO school uniform at Brisbane Montessori School. For the most recent information possible about co-curricular activities and programmes, you would be best to contact the school directly and ask for answers as they pertain to your individual circumstances.

The school backs onto the Brisbane River and is very close to the wonderful Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary – one of our favourite places!

What are the school fees at Brisbane Montessori School?

Here are the annual fees as current at time of print (January 2019).

  • Each year level fees total $9,984

Interested in Brisbane Montessori School?

Get in touch to see how learning for life works! Follow this link to their contact page.


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