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Moreton Bay Boys’ College Manly West | Parent Fact Sheet


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Why Choose Moreton Bay Boys’ College in Manly West

Moreton Bay Boys’ College (MBBC) is one of Queensland’s Top 50 Schools and is a contemporary, independent, Prep to Year 12 boys’ college. MBBC offers a nurturing environment, Christian values and an academic program based within the International Baccalaureate (IB) which encourages students to think critically, challenge and question.

A dedicated group of excellent teachers, exceptional co-curricular opportunities, a comprehensive digital program and a strong pastoral care initiative provide an outstanding student experience. The boys are also able to participate in social, cultural and academic activities with the College’s sister school, Moreton Bay College.

Developing Creative Minds

Inquiry-Based Learning

The nature of information and the way we access and use it is evolving before our eyes. There is a responsibility as educators and parents to teach children to be creative thinkers, to value inquiry, reflection and analysis which will enable them to make critical contributions through a global lens. The automated skills that were traditionally taught in schools are still very necessary, however, our children today need more. The most critical skill children need to be successful is the ability to adapt to change; to be flexible and to think, rethink and innovate.

The Moreton Bay Colleges are accredited by the International Baccalaureate (IB) World School organisation to deliver the Primary Years Programme (PYP). Moreton Bay Boys’ College is also authorised to deliver the Middle Years Program (MYP). Using the IB inquiry-based learning as a framework through which to deliver the Australian National Curriculum allows student learning to become authentic and relevant to the real world. Learning is not restricted to individual subject areas but supported and enriched by all of them.

Exceptional learning outcomes

A student-driven inquiry project in the past resulted in the construction of the student-designed mountain bike track at Moreton Bay Boys’ College. To create the track the boys looked at fitness goals, mathematical equations which formulated the construction of the curves percentages in the inclines, the signage, language and safety as well as minimising the environmental impact to the area. This project incorporated all areas of learning across the one theme, growing creative young minds through a fun and practical real-life situation. Mountain Biking continues to be a sustainable extra-curricular activity.

Moreton Bay College Boys Bike

Creative solutions to real-life issues

Year 6 students engage in a collaborative inquiry process that involves them in identifying, investigating and offering creative solutions to real-life issues or problems, including taking action in the community to raise awareness about a current issue. They present their projects at the PYP Exhibition which opens to the whole community and is a visible display of rich, complex thinking and learning that is meaningful and inspiring.

Delivering Benefits

At the Moreton Bay Colleges, inquiry-based learning is the key to develop creativity in young minds as it teaches students to know how to learn not merely what to learn and students are able to approach this through an internationally minded lens.

What are the sporting/co-curricular options at Moreton Bay Boys’ College?

Moreton Bay Boys’ College offers an extensive range of co-curricular options, including sport, music, cultural and community activities.

Sport – The College offers a variety of sports including cricket, touch, volleyball, sailing, basketball, soccer, tennis and mountain biking as well as adventure sports such as rock climbing and sea kayaking.

Music – The College has a leading contemporary music program as well as a strong traditional offering. Private music tutoring is available as well as a range of music groups for students to join (e.g. Rock Band, Choir, Wind Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble).

Cultural and Community – Opportunities include art, drama productions, debating, chess, public speaking and Leos Club.

What are the public transport options to Moreton Bay Boys’ College?

There are several bus routes which service Moreton Bay Boys’ College. For more information, click here

What are the school fees per term?

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What are the boarding options at Moreton Bay Boys’ College?

There are no boarding options for the college.

Does Moreton Bay Boys’ College offer scholarships and how do we apply?

Scholarships are available for boys who show exceptional potential in academia, sport, art, music or other areas of interest. Applications for scholarships are welcome anytime and there is no scholarship exam or application fee. For more information, click here.

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