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St Columban’s College Caboolture | Parent Fact Sheet

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Why Choose St Columban’s College in Caboolture

St Columban’s College is a Catholic Co-educational school. Located in Caboolture, St Columban’s is a day school for students from years 7 to 12. St Columban’s believes in cultivating the intellectual, creative and physical abilities of each student whilst fostering growth in Christianity and 21st Century global skills.

Located in the heart of Caboolture, St Columban’s offers its students a range of facilities to use as they learn and grow. These include a Library, Design and Technology Block, a Photography lab, Performance Amphitheatre, Kells Arts and Media Centre, Wellbeing Centre and Trade Training Centre. The school also houses several sporting facilities including 6 tennis courts, 2 hockey fields and 2 football fields.

St Columban’s offers students learning enhancement to serve the complex needs of each adolescent. Learning Enhancement is offered to students in a variety of ways, including through ongoing student academic monitoring; specialist planning and teaching for students of non English backgrounds; providing sports excellence programs; lunchtime and after school tutoring; one to one and group literacy and numeracy intervention ans post school transitional practices.

St Columban’s utilises a whole school Responsible Thinking Program. Unlike a set of rules, each student is instead taught that respect for themselves, their classmates and their teacher is paramount for a safe and productive learning environment. The Responsible Thinking Program also allows students to learn self-control and understand they are responsible for their own actions.

Digital citizenship plays an integral part at St Columban’s. Students at the school are not just taught how to use technology with the 1:1 Apple Macbook Laptop Program, but also how to use it responsibly and effectively. Through the school’s Digital Citizen Integrated Curriculum, students can meet society’s demands for future leaders who are not only tech savvy, but also behave as responsible digital citizens.

What are the sporting/extra-curricular options at St Columban’s College?

St Columban's College

St Columban’s has a large extra-curricular program, spanning not only sport and arts but also academia, hobbies and community service.

Some of the sports the school has to offer include TAS sports like Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Soccer, Touch and Volleyball. The school also offers students other sports including AFL, Equestrian, Futsal, QLD Volleyball and National Basketball.

In the Arts, St Columban’s offers students a variety of groups to join, such as Guitar Ensemble, Rock Band, College Voices, Concert Band, Percussion Ensemble, Musical, Dance Troupe and Technical Sound and Lighting.

Academia and creative clubs are also offered to St Columban’s students. These include Peer Tutoring, Debating, Public Speaking, Chess Club, Book Force, Creative Writing, Surf Club, Theatre Sports and Minecraft Club.

The school also gives students the option of taking part in humanitarian and community service activities. These include Open Day, Ignite, 40 Hour Famine, Rosie’s Outreach, Walkathon, Interact and World Youth Day.

What are the public transport options to St Columban’s College?

St Columban’s is within walking distance of the Caboolture Railway Station. The following bus lines also run School Bus services which drop off at St Columban’s – Kangaroo Bus Lines, Caboolture Bus Lines, Bribie Island Coaches And Country Buses.

What are the school fees per term?

School fees, on a per term basis, are within the range of $1000-$5000.

What are the boarding options at St Columban’s College?

There are no boarding options for St Columban’s College.

Does St Columban’s College offer scholarships and how do we apply?

Year 7 students can sit the ACER test to qualify for consideration of a scholarship. For more information, check out our scholarships page here.

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