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Brigidine College Indooroopilly | Parent Fact Sheet


Why Choose Brigidine College Indooroopilly?

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Brigidine College is a Catholic girls’ secondary school located in Indooroopilly.

Brigidine all girls' education

Established in 1929, Brigidine College is an Independent Catholic College for girls in Year 7 to 12. As a Kildare Ministries school in the Brigidine tradition, the philosophy of Fortiter et Suaviter (Strength and Gentleness) is reflected in every aspect of College life. Both the people and the place have a ‘feel’ that is distinctively Brigidine.  The College is a centre of faith and learning where strong life-giving relations empower students with confidence and hope.

The Brigidine Learning Paradigm provides opportunities for students to be fully engaged in activities that equip them for the 21st century. The College utilises the latest advances in digital technology to facilitate your daughter’s educational experience.

The teaching and learning occurs in a collaborative and cooperative atmosphere with the focus on adolescent girls journeying to adulthood. Each girl is encouraged to develop her strengths and interests, to take risks and experience leadership in a safe environment. Your daughter’s learning needs are expertly supported through mentoring, extension and enrichment experiences, including various young scholars’ programs with local universities.

The College has a proven record of strong academic achievement and a range of curriculum pathways to meet the diverse learning needs and career aspirations of students.  Every year over 97% of OP eligible students are offered tertiary places. Extensive co-curricular options, integrated wellbeing and social justice programs support and challenge the girls to become strong and gentle women in the tradition of the Brigidine Sisters.

Create, innovate and inspire

Brigidine College’s Tullow Centre has always been a bustling hub for students. From books and resources, iPads and new technologies, the Centre provides a diverse choice for students. As technology evolves, staff at the Tullow Centre ensure that they are keeping up to date, by providing a fresh approach that is inspiring the creative minds of students.

“For many students, the Library is a safe haven. They can feel comfortable and at home. With technology evolving, we are innovating to inspire our students to learn; through reading and creative activities,” Librarian, Linda Hughes.

Brigidine College, along with several other schools, has adopted the Makerspace program to create a stress-free environment for students to express themselves creatively. Makerspace is a global program designed to inspire schools to encourage creative thinking and learning through play.

 “As we have only recently adopted the Makerspace movement, we have started out with simple arts and crafts projects to get the girls excited and enjoying being part of a group. We hope to develop further into the coding and technology realm soon,” Mrs Hughes.

Brigidine College craft

With the emergence of technology, staff at the Tullow Centre are educating themselves on new technologies to expose the students to all the possibilities of modern technology.

Some time ago, the library incorporated augmented reality software, Aurasma, into a recent Harry Potter inspired celebration in the library. Aurasma is an augmented reality studio, which brings printed objects to life and creates interactivity. The students were able to stand beside Harry, Hermione and Ron at Platform 9 ¾.

“It is so important today that girls are inspired, empowered and excited to learn about emerging technologies. We feel it is our role to expose the girls to the possibilities of a future career in technology, coding and programming,” Mrs Hughes.

Brigidine College encourages creative thinking and problem solving through creativity, play and unique learning opportunities.

What are the co-curricular options at Brigidine College?

Part of a Brigidine Education involves participation in co-curricular activities. The College participates in 16 sports, so your daughter is sure to find something she can excel at or try for the first time. It’s a great way to make friends!

Along with sports, the College offers a range of cultural activities including 10 dance troupes and 12 ensembles of instrumental, vocal and drama groups.  Other skills are developed through special interest groups like Debating, Chess, Art, STEM, Technology, theatre productions and musicals.

Brigidine College opens doors for students to be global citizens actively taking their place in the world through social justice works/campaigns and national/international exchanges and immersions. Service groups like St Vinnies, Justice and Democracy and Interact aim to raise awareness of what’s happening in the world and to promote positive change.

The focus of the co-curricular program at the College is inclusion not exclusion. There is something for every student.

What are the public transport options to Brigidine College?

Brigidine is well serviced by public bus and train services.  There are also some private bus services operated in conjunction with the local Catholic boys’ school, Ambrose Treacy College. See the Brigidine College website for more information.

What are the school fees per term?

Brigidine College is a fee paying school However, school fees are reviewed annually by the College Board to keep them reasonable and affordable. The annual fee varies according to your daughter’s year level so it is best to go to the Brigidine College website for details.

Do you have to be a Catholic to enrol at Brigidine College?

Obviously, during the enrolment process priority must be given to Catholic families. However, there is a rich mix of religions and cultures at the College.  All are welcome.  It is advisable though to ensure that your daughter’s application is lodged in the early primary years to enhance the prospects of being offered a position. Enrol now!

What are the boarding options at Brigidine College?

There are no boarding options for Brigidine College.

Does Brigidine College offer scholarships and how do we apply?

Brigidine College offers academic scholarships and bursaries at the Principal’s discretion. See website for more information.

Watch the College video to find out more. Imagine the surge of pride you will feel when your daughter walking through those gates at graduation!

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