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Agnew School students and staff
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Is your family considering Agnew School? Have a close look at our parent fact sheet to find out more information.

Why choose Agnew School?

Agnew School is a private multi-campus educational environment based around Brethren teachings as aligned with the Holy Bible. Here you will find a strong focus on the values of integrity, care and compassion, respect, responsibility and commitment. Students are enrolled in this co-educational school from year 3 to 12 where they flourish in an environment that celebrates their strengths and addresses their weaknesses.

Part of the educational vision is that every student may reach their God-given potential in order to be a citizen who makes positive contributions to the community they find themselves in. This is an institution with excellent facilities, dedicated and creative teachers and innovative curriculum designed to bring out the very best in your child. The geographical spread of the campuses means that many senior courses are available via video conference which provides students with unique opportunities to engage with and pursue their individual interests.

What sporting and co-curricular options are there at Agnew School?

Due to the multi-campus spread of facilities and resources, it would be best for you to enquire as to sporting and cultural pursuits when you are in contact with reception. This way you will find the most up-to-date information as it pertains to your child. There are many community and service based opportunities for your child at Agnew School.

What transport options are available for Agnew School?

Most Agnew Campuses operate using Mercedes or Toyota Mini buses. Please make enquiries during your school tour.

What are the school fees per year?

Again, please make contact with Agnew School for the most up to date information possible. Fees, charges and levies can change year to year depending on the subject selection and campus travel that your child undertakes.

What are the boarding options at this school?

Agnew School does not have boarding facilities.

Does this school offer scholarships and how do we apply?

Agnew School does not currently have any scholarships on offer.

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