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Hubbard’s School U-Centric Learning, Brisbane | Parent Fact Sheet

Hubbard’s School, in inner-city Milton, is a unique co-educational experience for students in year 11 and 12 looking for different methods of teaching and learning. Could this be the right choice for your child? Here’s what you need to know.

Hubbard’s School – An Alternative Choice

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Set firmly outside of mainstream education, Hubbard’s School in Milton offers students in year 11 and 12 (as well as returning learners) the chance to undertake their senior secondary studies in a model designed to best fit them as individuals. From the casual dress code to the balanced lifestyle, the strong academic focus to the encouragement of individuality – this is a place where your child could shine.

The school also operates a unique tutoring system as well as short courses for adults to help them gain access to tertiary studies. The school operates within the guidelines set out by the QCAA so that students may receive their QCE and be recognised as having achieved the same levels as students at other schools. The curriculum studied inside the classroom, and the assessment completed, is different and encourages the child to be an independent, mature learner rather than focusing on external or punitive discipline or punishment to achieve results.

There are a range of subjects offered at Hubbard’s School as well as Certificate studies.

What are the school fees at Hubbard’s School?

School and enrollment fees at Hubbard’s School will differentiate depending on your child’s chosen path of study. To arrange an individual consultation or to discuss the pre-enrolment process, follow this link to gain access to the Hubbard’s School contact form.

Where is Hubbard’s School?

You’ll find this innovative educational establishment at Level 1/15 Lang Parade, Milton. The school runs from 9am to 4pm and is quite in line with the kind of program students will be studying at university. This truly is a unique choice and one that you may want to consider for your unique learner!

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