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Mount Alvernia College | Parent Fact Sheet

Why Choose Mount Alvernia College in Kedron?

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Mount Alvernia College is a  Catholic Girls’ Secondary School located in Kedron. Mount Alvernia provides general and specialist secondary education facilities which are maintained at a high standard. The College continues to improve its facilities and has developed a Master Building Plan to co-ordinate development into the future.

These facilities include the LaVerna Wing which incorporates  airy, spacious and well-equipped classroom spaces as well as the Anthony Wing that houses state-of-the-art Home Economics cooking facilities, science laboratories and flexible learning spaces.

The school also hosts a Learning Resource Centre with digital, print and audio-visual resources and equipment.

Mount Alvernia has a strong Computer Technology focus which includes a Bring Your Own Technology program; computer/internet access in all classrooms; wireless access throughout the College; a suite of software to support multi-media presentations; quantities of digital still and video cameras to support video editing and animation projects and interactive whiteboards/televisions.

Mount Alvernia provides computers and other resources for learning support, enrichment and extension activities in its Student Enrichment and Advancement Centre. The school also provides a multi-purpose centre which includes facilities for Drama,  Health & Physical Education and Music. Sport wise, Mount Alvernia also boasts indoor basketball and netball courts, an outdoor multi-purpose court and a swimming pool.

Resources and facilities are being constantly upgraded and the College is well supported in this approach by parents and by the activities of the Parents and Friends Support Network (P&FSN)

What are the sporting/extra-curricular options at Mount Alvernia College?

Mount Alvernia provides a huge variety of spots for students to participate in, including AFL, Athletics, Basketball, Cheersport, Football, Futsal, Hockey, Indoor Cricket, Netball, Tennis, Touch Football, Triathlon and Volleyball.

The school also hosts several music programs, including instrumental, choir and musical theatre.

What are the public transport options to Mount Alvernia College?

Mount Alvernia College is serviced by public bus.

What are the school fees per annum?

School fees, on a per term basis, are within the range of $7,570-$8,695 plus extra levy fees.

What are the boarding options at Mount Alvernia College?

There are no boarding options for Mount Alvernia College.

Does Mount Alvernia College offer scholarships and how do we apply?

Mount Alvernia College does not offer scholarships.

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