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Why Choose Genesis Christian College in Bray Park

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Genesis Christian College is an independent co-educational school located in Bray Park, in Brisbane. Catering for Prep to Year 12, Genesis College has five age-specific precincts across the one campus. The College focuses on providing a holistic education that develops academic strength along with character building, resilience to everyday pressures, personal management and spiritual life.

Genesis College nurtures students from Prep to Year 12, and has a tradition of farewelling the graduates with a full school Guard of Honour on their final day.

All buildings are air-conditioned and the college has specialist facilities for hospitality, creative arts and science. A purpose-built theatre for drama also incorporates dance rooms for students undertaking the dance program in Years 7-12.

Personal tours are available most days during term to enable parents to walk the campus and get a sense of the educational opportunities on offer. Genesis Christian College is pro-active in anti-bullying strategies and prioritises the creation of a safe and happy environment for children.

What are the academic options at Genesis Christian College?

The college has a strong focus on Agricultural Science with students studying horticulture and animal husbandry. Students in Years 7-12 tend to sheep, chickens and bees, and grow herbs and vegetables. They host special days for the primary school students (e.g. when lambs are born).
There is a Careers and Student Services Department that focuses on Vocational Education and Training (VET) as well as developing training plans for students staying at school to Year 12.

Genesis College places a strong focus on Middle Schooling to help students map a pathway to their senior studies and beyond. Year 7 students change subjects each term to get used to different subjects and teachers, and explore a variety of interest areas. In Years 8 and 9 they then select year-long electives. Students in Middle School years also take part in gender specific classes, mentored by parents and members of the community, that assist them to develop from young boys and girls into young men and women.

All Year 10 students undertake a week’s work experience. Work experience can also be taken in Year 11.

What are the sporting/extra-curricular options at Genesis Christian College?

Genesis Christian College has a wide range of sporting options available, with students performing particularly well in swimming and athletics.

Culturally, students can undertake creative arts, with some students’ artwork displayed in Queensland galleries. Dance students form a dance company that takes part in eisteddfods and other competitions. Students also learn music from Year 5 and can join a number of different bands.
The college has a strong debating program.

What are the public transport options to Genesis Christian College?

Genesis Christian College is serviced by Thompson Bus Serviceses and Brisbane Bus Lines as part of the Translink network. Train services are nearby.

What are the school fees per term?

School fees, on a per term basis, are within the range of $1000-$5000.

What are the boarding options at Genesis Christian College?

There is no boarding available at Genesis College.

Does Genesis Christian College offer scholarships and how do we apply?

There are no scholarships available at Genesis College.

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  1. Noela Fulcher says:

    One of my grandchildren attends this school, and another one will attend next year. From my observations of this school, I am happy two of my grandchildren will be attending. Every time I have attended, the pupils seem to be genuinely happy and respectful, and the principal and other teachers I have encountered are second to none.

  2. Sandra Hudson says:

    Enrolment package

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