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Easter Toffee Bombs – Easter Dessert Recipe

Easter Toffee Bombs

Crispy chocolate, creamy ice-cream and a burst of chewy toffee – Happy Easter!

Easter Dessert Recipe
These Easter Toffee Bombs are perfect Easter Sunday dessert for the Brisbane heat! They’re also perfect if, like me, you’re not very good at craft, cooking or anything that requires any degree of hand-eye co-ordination! And there is absolutely no way your kids won’t go nuts over them.


Ingredients for this simple Easter Treat
12 “Hunting Eggs”
24 tablespoons of vanilla ice-cream
12 teaspoons golden syrup or other filler (caramel, cookie crumbs, milo – anything you like!)


With a hot knife, cut the Easter Eggs along their “seams”

Easter Toffee Bomb Recipe
Place egg halves in freezer for about ten minutes
Using two tablespoons scoop out and shape ice-cream to fit into the eggs. Note the colder the ice-cream the better

Ice Cream Filler for Easter Dessert
Level ice-cream to avoid spilling
Pop back in the freezer for one hour – deep freeze is best!
With the end of a spoon or similar, poke a hole in the middle of the ice-cream
Add your filler. Golden Syrup when frozen turns into sticky toffee and is delightful.

Easter Dessert Recipe
Lay carefully so that the eggs are “on their back” to avoid any leakage while they refreeze
Pop back in the freezer for at least two hours until frozen solid.
Wrap in aluminum foil and keep deep in the freezer until ready to eat.

Easter Dessert Recipe

The next biggest challenge is stopping the kids from eating them all at once.

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