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How to Tire Out Kids: Indoor & Outdoor Activities to Make them Tired!

If you are looking for the best way to tire out kids to make sure they have a great sleep at night, you have found the right article. This list of ideas to tire your kids out will have them yawning and asking for their beds!

You. Are. Welcome!

So, before your kids tire and wear YOU out, there are activities that will help keep your sanity!

Every parent feels worn out by their highly energetic kids from time to time. Even after trying everything you can think of to burn off that extra energy; a certain liveliness you secretly wish you had!

Ideas to burn your kids extra energy

It is no secret that parents need a little break, even 15 minutes would suffice. So it is only natural that when you stumble upon an activity or technique to achieve this highly sought after goal you want to scream it from the roof tops (quietly of course), so other mums and dads can take a comfort in knowing they too can enjoy a moment of peace.

Here are our general 4 tips to focus on when trying to get your kids to burn that extra energy.

Get them outside

When you were a child, you spent most of your time outdoors away from computer screens, TV’s, iPads and other devices. You ran around, played sports, and bounced on the trampoline until you couldn’t jump or flip anymore. See-saws and swing sets would be seen as forts that you could climb and all of this activity in the fresh air would exhaust you. This is what kids need. Not only for maintaining good exercise but it is also a great way for them to get their daily dose of vitamin D.

Get them involved

The best way to get kids to buy in to the concept of being energetic is to get them involved in making the plans.

We made the epic outdoor obstacle course that they rist had to draw and then source to equipment… once they are onboard with the plan, sit back and watch them execute it (with supervision).

Get them in water

Sark said it best – when they are crabby, put them in water.

Venture to the local pool and enjoy a swim. Swimming, while easy for adults who can generally reach the bottom of the pool, tires children out. Their little arms and legs work overtime to keep them afloat and their brains are constantly being used to think about what they must do next. Find a local suburban swimming pool here or take them to on a short day trip to a natural waterhole near Brisbane!

Get them playing with you

Children often require constant interaction and by stimulating their minds and offering them that support in their learning process, they will no longer be bored or try to use their built up energy by destroying the house. Think playing tag, hide and seek or even role playing.

By using these ideas, you can almost guarantee your child will be happier, healthier and burn up that excess energy. For more information on the benefits of getting your kids active every day, click here. No longer do you have to wonder how to tire out kids; just put these concepts into action and watch them fall in a heap!

If your children are regularly bouncing off the walls, bookmark these ideas on how to tire out kids. It will result in both you and your children being happier!

How to tire out kids during school holidays?

We’re staring down yet another set of school holidays and you’re back to asking yourself that age old question – what activities are there in Brisbane that will keep my active kid happy? You’re in luck, because we’ve discovered a range of fun activities all over the city that you and your child will just love. You’ll no longer have to frantically search for things to do – it’s all taken care of.

Check out our favourites below!

Archie Brothers | Bowen Hills

Archie Brothers Brisbane

We tried out the brand new Archie Brothers venue at Bowen Hills last week and hoooo boy we had fun!! Packed full of arcade games, virtual reality rides, bowling lanes as well as yummy food and drinks, this is a serious contender for our favourite thing to do these school holidays. If you want to see how we went on the rides and what the food looks like, check out our Facebook post here. We loved it!

Indoor trampoline centres


Your kids will delight in bouncing sky high at Brisbane’s indoor trampoline centres. If bouncing their way to exhaustion isn’t working, you can also try the laser tag arena on offer at Sky Zone (Permanently closed 19 Dec 2021). Parents can even give it a go if they’re game! While the kids are airborne, you can sit back with a cuppa, eat something tasty at the on-site cafes, or take it easy with a book. It’s a win/win for everyone!

If you want to get them their own trampoline, read our trampoline review and comparison chart to help you decide.

Ice skating

Ice skating Brisbane at Boondall

Ice skating is a brilliant way to keep your kids active and entertained on a hot day. There are loads of rinks around Brisbane and the surrounding region, so there’s sure to be one near you. It’s affordable and just like the trampoline centres, there’s cafes for parents and for when the kids are inevitably hungry. Your kids will have a ball on the ice!

For a detailed review of ice skating with kids check out out review!


Bunya Crossing Reserve Bushwalking for kids

Brisbane is surrounded by stunning scenery of all types, so why not get out and explore it with your kids? It’s free, it’s energising, and your kids will love exploring Brisbane from a different perspective.  Plus, you never know what wildlife will pop up!

Find our favourite bushwalks in our list of days out here. The Hide and Seek trail at Mt Coot-tha and the Karawatha Forest walk are also worth a visit. We also like walks with waterfalls.

Indoor rock climbing

rock climbing will tire kids out

Physically challenging and mentally stimulating, indoor rock climbing is a fantastic way to keep your kids occupied. They’ll sleep well after a few hours scaling the walls at one of the many indoor rock climbing facilities throughout Brisbane. Rocky climbing is a thrilling adventure and there are walls for a range of ages and abilities.


Family Cycling

Brisbane is famous for its multitude of bike paths that wind their way throughout the city. Whether you’re on the northside or the southside, Brisbane has you covered with fantastic bike paths and glorious scenery. The kids will be on your back to do it again and again.

Tire them out and get those legs pumping with a beautiful scenic bike ride along the foreshore at Bribie Island, along the waterfront at Sandgate and Shorncliffe, along the Esplanade at Wynnum, or on the trail from Woolcock Park to Banks St Reserve in Newmarket.

There are really too many to mention, so check out our detailed article with 15 bike paths in Brisbane for kids. We have broken them into easy, medium and hard rides for your family.

Picnics and parks

best picnic spots in Brisbane

Brisbane has some amazing parklands that are just perfect for picnics. You can bring a packed lunch and start up your own game of cricket or soccer, or just let the kids have a ball in the playground. Enjoy a relaxing day at the park and wear out the kids all in one go.

We’ve reviewed a range of parks all over Brisbane, on the Caboolture train line, the Shorncliffe train line, the Ferny Grove train line, and in the Brisbane City Central train line. Check them out to find the park that suits you and your family best.

Horse Riding

Horse riding gold coast

Horse riding is a fantastic way to get kids active and get them in touch with nature. We’ve got a round-up here of where to take kids horse riding in Brisbane. 

Run out of ways to how to tire out kids? Wow, you’re fit! Follow the link to find a comprehensive list of everything else things on offer these school holidays.

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