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The Best Trampolines for Christmas

There are a large number of trampoline brands for you to choose from in Australia this Xmas – but it is important when looking for the perfect trampoline for your family, to understand that although they can look similar, there are a number of features unique to each.

As we come up to the festive season, the following list attempts to give an overview of some of the biggest and best trampoline brands, comparing quality, safety and value.

Jumpflex hero image

Our Choice
FLEX150 / 15FT (Jumpflex) Large Oval Trampoline (Springfree) Thunder XL (Vuly)16ft Round (Oz Trampolines)
Retail Price $1149$2299$2599$1199
ShapeRoundOval Round Round
Size (Frame)15ft10.5ft x 15ft14ft16ft
Static Weight Rating 250kg700kg150kg175kg
Warranty - All PartsLifetime10yrs1yr - 10yrs2yr - 5yr

1. Jumpflex – FLEX150/15FT XXL

Jumpflex hero

The Jumpflex FLEX150/15FT XL is built to the highest quality standards, putting safety and fun at the forefront of every trampoline. With a 4.8* customer review score on Trustpilot, this model has been one of the most highly rated trampolines on the Australian market for many years.

In terms of dimensions, the FLEX150/15FT XXL is a large round trampoline, with a strong static weight rating of 250kg. It uses exclusive high-tensile extension springs to achieve a deep, consistent bounce. The high quality springs, combined with Jumpflex™ trampolines’ extra strong frames (made with 42mm steel tubing, galvanised with a protective zinc coating inside and out to ensure longevity), allows Jumpflex to provide a world leading lifetime warranty on all their trampolines. This warranty covers the frame, jumping mat, springs, spring pad and safety net, which is different to many other brands on the market who have shorter warranties on different parts of the trampoline.

Rounding out the safety features on a Jumpflex, there is a soft, but durable, safety net system, made from 100% high-strength polyester and containing an additional UV feature to prevent wear from the sun. This net is attached to the edge of the mat with a patented SafeSeal system, protecting children from the springs. Furthermore it features poles that curve away from the trampoline, allowing for the net to provide maximum space and safety when in use.


  • Great value trampolines that are built with the highest quality materials
  • Lifetime warranty across all parts is the best on the market
  • High-tensile springs give an excellent bounce experience


  • The high quality parts mean it isn’t the cheapest trampoline on the market, but the lifetime warranty gives confidence in the value of the product.

2. Springfree – Large Oval Trampoline

Jumpflex trampoline in the back yard

The Large Oval Trampoline is one of Springfree’s best-selling trampolines. As the name suggests, Springfree makes springless trampolines, employing ‘flexible mat rods’ to get your bounce. These are made from fibreglass covered in plastic sheaths. Over time the fibreglass can splinter, but generally, the plastic sheaths that surround them should prevent splinter-associated injuries.

This trampoline is very safe, as it has a high net, although the trampoline’s net has slightly larger openings than other net systems, which can be a watch out for small fingers. The design is good from the perspective that the frame is positioned out of harm’s way. This is a really important feature, as it prevents kids from colliding with the frame, even when jumping close to the edge.

The bounce can be softer than traditional trampolines. The fibreglass rods are arranged diagonally, which prevents users from landing on the pointed tips. However, due to the trampoline’s shape and the diagonal design of the fibreglass rods, the bounce can be less even.


  • Safe trampoline
  • High quality product


  • Can be difficult to assemble the carbon fibre rods
  • Springfree trampolines command some of the highest prices on the market

3. Vuly – Thunder

Vuly trampoline

The Vuly Thunder is a springless trampoline, which means it doesn’t use traditional coiled springs to provide bounce. Instead, the Thunder uses Leaf Springs.

The major benefit from this type of spring system and the symmetrical shape of the trampoline, is that the bouncing experience is much more ‘straight up/down’, rather than an uneven bounce which you can get from other springless competitors.

The Thunder is designed to be a safe trampoline. It comes with a soft terylene net, which is tested to withstand UV exposure. The net is also tall and of good quality, which, as with other models, helps prevent kids from falling off the trampoline when bouncing.

The frame is also galvanised, protecting it from rust.


  • The springless design uses metal leaf springs versus carbon fibre rods, which some people prefer, despite questions around performance under extreme weight.
  • Good quality product.


  • Some people have found this model difficult to assemble
  • It is comparatively expensive to other models on the market

4. Oz Trampolines – 16ft Round Summit

Oz Trampoline

Oz Trampolines are known for providing good quality budget trampolines. The Oz Trampolines 16ft Round uses traditional coiled springs, which gives their trampolines a good level of bounce.

In terms of unique features, the 16ftTrampoline has an overlapping net enclosure system that is zipper free – this is different to a number of other brands on the market. Some people like this feature, others do prefer a traditional zip for that added security.

Oz Trampolines have a 5-year limited warranty on the frame and a 2-year limited warranty on all other components.


  • Good quality product.


  • The net enclosure system is not to everyone’s taste – also the net is outside the springs, which does create a greater potential for small hands and feet to get caught.
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