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Bouldering in Brisbane & Rock Climbing | Venues for Kids

Are you looking for exciting new activities to entertain the kids? Following the success of Spiderman, and the anticipated success of – spoiler alert, look out Spiderwoman, kids today are always looking for fun adventures, so we’ve got your locals guide to the best rock climbing and bouldering Brisbane has to offer.

Rock climbing and bouldering are great ways for kids to develop good fitness and life values in a great and safe adventure! Nowadays you can find kid-friendly climbing gyms all across Brisbane. At its core, bouldering is essentially rock climbing but with a crucial difference; you don’t have any harnesses or safety support. With bouldering, the distances you climb are shorter and more technical, but still are just as fun.

You no longer need to ask, “Where are the best climbing gyms near me?” because we’ve found them for you!

Urban Xtreme

Check out Urban Xtreme in Hendra for the newest indoor rock-climbing Brisbane has to offer! Newbies and experienced climbers will love the thrills of at this climbing gym, with plenty of space for creative and exciting route settings. There are no age restrictions at Urban Xtreme, but in order to ensure everyone’s safety different activities have size restrictions and you must weigh a minimum of 15kg to use the auto belays.

Get an unlimited climb pass from just $16 today or a membership from $12 a week!

Location: 4/370 Nudgee Road, Hendra

Website: Urban Xtreme

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Rocksports Climbing

rock climbing will tire kids out

Offering an immense thrill, Rocksports climbing in Fortitude Valley is a fun, healthy and social sport for young climbers. As the first indoor climbing gym in Brisbane, Rocksports has grown to offer 80 different routes plus a bouldering cave with 20 of the best boulder walls Brisbane has seen. Any age is able to climb, but you must be aged 13+ to belay.

With memberships and daily passes, Rocksports is suited to every climber. $275 a term gets junior members unlimited climbs, harness, shoe and chalk hire.

Location: 225 Barry Parade, Fortitude Valley

Website: Rocksports Valley

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Crank Climbing

Crank Climbing bouldering wall

With 65 ropes, a bouldering gym and hundreds of rock-climbing routes, Crank Climbing in Macgregor is the perfect place for kids to start climbing. You must be 14 years and older to belay, and under 14’s must have an adult present and complete the safety induction on arrival.

Casual passes start at $26 for youth and Crank also offers Youth Programmes for participants 8 years and older from $220 per term.

Location: 537 Kessels Road, Macgregor 

Website: Crank Indoor Climbing

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Urban Climb

With climbing gyms in West End, Milton and Newstead, Urban Climb is your home away from home, inspiring movement, creativity and connections with likeminded adventurers. From first time climbers to top athletes, classes and lessons are offered from just $18 for every ability. With kid-friendly classes and weekend specials for school aged children, enjoy a massive free-standing boulder, a cave and a 45-degree wall. For “bouldering near me” check out Milton and Newstead, and for a “rock-climbing gym near me”, West End is the place to be.

Urban Climb West End and Newstead accept climbers of any age, but at Milton you must be 13+. This also applies to belayers at any facility.  


  • 2/220 Montague Road, West End
  • 17 Roy Street, Milton
  • 5 Morse Street, Newstead

Website: Urban Climb

Bounce McGregor

Sky Zone Venue

Bounce isn’t just a trampoline park, the new Bounce experience in MacGregor brings a fun climbing experience for you to scale the skies! Auto-belay systems ensure a safe experience as you clamber your way across a variety of rock-climbing walls and obstacles for just $18pp for an hour.

Climbers must be at least five years old or 110cm+ and be wearing closed-in shoes.

Location: 544 Kessels Road, Macgregor

Visit the Bounce website here.

Kangaroo Point Cliffs

climbing cliffs

The following companies are some of the many that offer the opportunity to rock-climb up the iconic Kangaroo Point Cliffs and experience the amazing views of Brisbane City.

Pinnacle Sports

With three-hour sessions, Pinnacle Sports is the perfect provider for beginner rock-climbers.  With something for everyone, the awesome guides will teach you everything you need to know and will keep you safe. $105 gets you all the gear including a harness, helmet and climbing shoes. Participants must be at least 8 years of age, and those under 13 can climb only (an adult must belay them).

Website: Pinnacle Sports

Kids indoor rock climbing is one of the best year-round activities you can do to keep your little ones’ busy. No longer thought of as a sport for reserved for adults, rock climbing centres appeals to active folk young and old. We’ll tell you why.

Builds confidence and conquers fears

When you and your kids enter an indoor rock climbing centre, you are presented with some mighty big obstacles. If your children are afraid to conquer heights, this is the perfect opportunity to face them front-on in a fun and safe environment.

Climbing centres offer your children the opportunity to climb high without risk. No harm will come of your children if they fall during a climb because they will be strapped to a harness, and that’s something you can instil into the minds of your otherwise nervous children. Conquering fears early-on builds confidence to overcome obstacles, which can only be a good thing for your child’s emotional development.

Builds strength and agility

Kids indoor rock climbing works on every muscle during a session, therefore regular climbs can improve stamina. Climbing itself requires agility and works on core muscle strength.

Balance is another important agility acquired during indoor rock climbing for kids. Your children learn to stabilise themselves using one side of their body at a time.

Problem solving skills

It takes concentration and coordination to master a climbing wall. Kids indoor rock climbing  requires working out the appropriate routes to venture up the boulder wall.

Imagine this; each climbing wall is much like a giant puzzle for your little one’s to solve with their hands and feet. Each grip and footstep requires a strategy to get from one boulder to the next. This takes effort and follows a thought process. Indoor rock climbing for kids therefore exercises the mind just as much at the body.

Kids indoor rock climbing is FUN!

There’s a reason why you can organise your child’s birthday party at an indoor climbing centre; kids indoor rock climbing is fun! Have you been to an indoor climbing centre lately? Some centres are designed for children in mind, and incorporate some of the most colourful walls you’ll feast your eyes over. Exercise for kids never looked so inviting.

Whether your child is a reserved climber or a shows potential for a future in mountaineering, indoor rock climbing for kids is a ‘must-do’ activity for your family. The good news is, there are plenty of Rock Climbing Centres in Brisbane and beyond that offer indoor rock climbing for kids.

We hope this article has helped to discover bouldering and rock climbing near me, but if you’re looking for more activity centres, click here.

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