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Where to Take Your Family Ice Skating in Brisbane

Ice skating in Brisbane – it’s like bobsledding in Jamaica! If you are looking for places to go ice skating in Brisbane city, you have found the right article!

Does Brisbane have an ice skating rink?

Yes! Brisbane has TWO Olympic sized ice skating rinks: Iceworld Boondall and Iceworld Acacia Ridge! We went along to see what facilities and ice skating Boondall had to offer. Check out our review and video!

Iceworld Boondall

Iceworld Boondall offers casual skating and lessons for all ages. If you’re an adult it’s never too late to learn to skate like a professional! The venue has heaps of free parking available, a coffee shop, free skate hire and an Olympic-sized ice skating rink ensuring room for all.

Iceworld Olympic Ice Rinks strongly recommended the use of face masks at their facilities. If you display Covid-19 symptoms, please be advised you will be refused access.

Why take kids ice skating?

Ice skating boasts a broad range of health and developmental benefits for kids (or parents) looking for a different form of exercise. It’s a great way to get a workout without feeling like a work out, and fantastic school holiday activity. Ice skating:

  • can build stamina and cardio vascular health
  • builds a broad range of muscles including the Quadricep muscle group
  • can dramatically improve balance and co-ordination
  • improves upper body strength, especially figure skating
  • can improve flexibility
  • is suitable for all levels from beginner to pro and encourages a life time love of the sport

Ice-skating may not be the first sport you think of in our sunny climate but it’s a fantastic way to escape the heat and have fun!

Our ice skating reviewers

Ice skating Brisbane reviewers getting their skates

Our party of seven young reviewers range in age from just 5 years old to 15, with most skating for the first time. The friendly staff did a great job of fitting them with their free hire skates and answering their many questions. Your children would probably ask a lot of the same questions, so here’s a quick rundown of the most commonly asked questions and answers:

Ice skating FAQ’s

Q – Is ice skating easy?

A – Yes – quite easy once you get used to it. Confidence helps!

Q – How do you ice skate?

A – It’s a bit like walking, but keep your knees slightly bent and push a little with your back leg.

Q – Does it hurt to fall down?

A – It might, but you can hang on to the sides or use a penguin to help you keep your balance.

Q – How cold is it at Ice World?

A – When we were there, we noticed that the ice rink is cold. They keep the temperature at between 9 and 12 degrees. You will need to wear layers – long trousers, jumpers a warm hat and gloves are a good idea!

There were probably heaps more questions to be asked and answered, but the kids were raring to go. After handing out penguins to those who wanted them the gate was opened and the kids were let loose on the ice.

Our reviewers on the ice

Ice skating Brisbane at Boondall

Our seven reviewers were joined on the ice by those parents willing to potentially embarrass themselves, and a wonderful Iceworld Boondall staff member to help them get started. With a few false starts and a little help, everyone gradually found their balance and began with several steady laps of the rink.

As is the way with kids, they took to ice skating like (slightly wobbly) ducks to water. In no time they were daring each other to go a little faster and to abandon the penguins and venture away from the wall. To say they had a blast is an understatement! Even the most nervous and reluctant amongst them were grinning as they picked themselves up from the ice and dusted themselves down.

As the rink began to fill with more regular skaters we saw some amazing talent. Pirouettes and figure skating moves were made to look easy, and groups of friends were gliding gracefully along like a scene from a picture book. We were there on a Sunday morning, which is a popular time, but all the older children and adults were very mindful of the younger ones and beginners. I think all our reviewers fell down at least once, but they were quickly back up and laughing and ready to try again.

After an hour or so it was time to break for refreshments.

Iceworld Boondall coffee shop

Iceworld Boondall coffee shop

The coffee shop at Iceworld Boondall serves delicious barista coffee and a selection of hot and cold drinks, freshly made sandwiches and muffins, yoghurts and a range of hot food package deals.

Our reviewers enjoyed two trips to the coffee shop; once to warm up with a yummy hot chocolate and the second time to fill up on a delicious lunch! Coffee was just what the parents needed, and the hot food deals are reasonably priced at $9.95 for nuggets, pie or dagwood dog with chips and a small drink. There’s easily enough for smaller children to share a meal.

Iceworld Boondall – the kids’ verdict

Without a doubt, they all loved it! If it wasn’t for the fact that we busy parents had other chores waiting we’d never have got them out of there! Yes, there were a few bumps and tumbles, but so much fun and laughter.

The overall verdict from the kids is “awesome!” Although it is really cold in the ice skating rink, the activity kept the kids surprisingly warm. In fact, so much activity and so toasty warm that one of our young reviewers fell asleep while the others were getting their shoes on!

The children loved that they could take a break and then go back out on the ice for more whenever they wanted. The penguins were great for helping with balance and confidence, and there were enough experienced skaters there to inspire the kids to want to go back again to “be like them”.

The parents’ verdict

Fantastic! The casual ice skating Boondall prices are very reasonable, ranging from $10-$20 depending on age and session. The facilities are clean and well maintained and the staff very friendly and accommodating. There is plenty of seating both inside and outside the rink for those just wanting to watch, and hot drinks and food available.

The kids got an amazing amount of exercise and had a great time. It’s definitely a venue to consider for a birthday party if you want to be the ‘cool’ parent!

Iceworld birthday parties

Iceworld can host your child’s ice skating birthday party any weekend of the year at either of their venues. The price per child includes admission and skate hire, decorated party area, food and drinks, a party host and a 15-minute demonstration on the basics of ice skating. Find out more on the Iceworld website.

Facilities at Iceworld Boondall and Acacia Ridge

Balance penguins available for hire

Both Iceworld ice skating rinks in Brisbane are well equipped for comfort and convenience, including:

  • lockers for hire (additional charge)
  • baby change facilities
  • skate hire included in the entry price
  • penguins for hire (additional charge)
  • cafe/kiosk for hot and cold food and drinks
  • skate shop that also sells socks and gloves!

Ice skating Brisbane – clubs and classes at Iceworld

If the ice skating bug has well and truly bitten, Iceworld hosts several clubs and classes to help you develop your skills. Iceworld offers four skate schools per year as part of the Aussie Skate program, plus learn to skate classes for all skill levels and ages. For those looking to get more sporty on the ice skating rink Brisbane can accommodate that too at both Iceworld venues. Try:

  • ice hockey – perfect for active teens, available for kids over 12 and adults under 60.
  • curling lessons during the winter months (Boondall only)
  • synchronised skating – a great activity for siblings and involves glitter, dance and sparkles!
  • speed skating – not for the meek! Learn the fastest ice sport in the world and maybe compete at a national or international level  (again with that image of Jamaican bobsledders!)
  • figure skating – the show stopper at the Olympics every four years. Figure skating is a highly popular choice amongst kids and not only works a lot of muscles but is excellent for balance, flexibility and grace.

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The Boondall Ice Figure Skating

Where to go ice skating in Brisbane

You will find Iceworld ice skating rinks at:

Iceworld Acacia Ridge
1179 Beaudesert Road, Acacia Ridge, QLD 4110
Ph: 07 3277 7563

Iceworld Boondall
2304 Sandgate Road, Boondall, QLD 4034
Ph: 07 3865 1694

Visit the Iceworld website here.

Video review – ice skating Brisbane at Iceworld Boondall!

Check out our video review to see how much fun the kids had!

This article was featured in Issue 49 of our printed magazine, published December 2021.

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  1. I took my family ice skating for my sons 5th birthday. They had an absolute ball and cannot wait to go back again. They were a little frightened but the penguin helpers made it so much fun for them

  2. Last time I went ice skating was about 20 years ago – I fell over and split my chin open on the ice (needed a lot of stitches). Last time I ever got on the ice. But my kids and husband love it!

  3. We went for a friends child’s birthday party and I ended up joining in also – so much fun! Would love to take my youngest as she’s never been. I find it great for beginners with the penguins.


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