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Cedar Creek Samford Day Trips from Brisbane with Kids

Cedar Creek has long been a popular day trip from Brisbane for families. Cedar Creek runs approximately 20 kilometers from the Mt Glorious state forest to where it adjoins the South Pine River in Eaton’s Hill.

The most popular rock pools, waterfalls and swimming holes are found at the mountain end along Cedar Creek Road.

Cedar Creek Samford
Cedar Creek Samford

Cedar Creek Falls

Cedar Creek Falls are low but impressive waterfalls near the head of the river. Unfortunately, these are now situated on private land (owned by the Cedar Creek Falls Retreat if you prefer a massage and spa treatment with your waterfall) so public bathers will need to be content with the various rock pools available along Cedar Creek Road.

Crossings and rock pools for swimming

During times of drought, Cedar Creek runs slowly but after rain, it makes an ideal day trip from Brisbane with young children. The various crossings along Cedar Creek road offer rock pools up to a meter deep in places but often just right to lap your toddler or young child’s waist.

For young children, the best swimming spot is probably Halls Road Crossing. It features a sandy island, little fish and eve n tortoises to spot. The best time to visit is soon after rain to get the right combination of sparkling clarity and swimmable depth.

The river bed can be a bit rocky so it’s recommended little ones wear crocs or thongs into the water. As Halls Road Crossing is not an “official” picnic spot, there are no amenities – just lots of climbing trees, shaded picnic spots and fun to be had in the water.

Rock pools for paddling

The perfect spot for a family picnic or barbecue is at Andy William’s Park. With covered barbecues and creek side picnic tables, it’s a great place for little people to paddle and enjoy a lovely afternoon. During rainy periods, this is the launching spot for tweens and teens riding the rapids on floating rafts.

Cedar Creek is extremely rocky so this is pretty dangerous so consider carefully before allowing your tween or teen to join in.

The picnic area is not suitable for those with mobility issues as the grassed area is quite steep.

Keep a careful eye on children as you head down to the rocky edge of the creek as the ground is uneven. The rock pools in this area offer bigger kids an obstacle course across to the other side, where a sandy platform and flowing rapids await.

This area makes a great day trip from Brisbane for families with kids of all ages.

Heading up the mountain to the Cedar Creek Head Waters

Higher up the creek you’ll find breath taking rocky outcrops with stunning views. These areas are only accessible via the creek (and some areas lay on private property so be polite and observe signs). Further up Cedar Creek you’ll find deeper rock pools, water caves, water falls and natural swimming spots.

These are home to a host of native animals including fish, birds, tortoises and, if you’re very quiet, and very lucky you may even spot a platypus. Climbing the rocky bed and edges of Cedar Creek is not an activity suited to young children. This is a better day trip for families with tweens and teens. Always take precautions and wear appropriate safety gear.

Getting to Cedar Creek Samford from Brisbane

Cedar Creek is located near Samford North West of Brisbane City. From the city take Kelvin Grove Road to Samford Road to Samford Village. Follow Mount Samsor Road to Closeburn and then turn left onto Cedar Creek Road.

Samford Village can be accessed from the Northern suburbs via Eatons Crossing Road or Bunya Road. The drive to Cedar Creek from Brisbane is dotted with pretty scenery and swimming holes.

Cedar Creek Samford is a relaxing and easy day trip from Brisbane with kids. Be sure to pack a picnic and your swimmers for some excellent free range fun.

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