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On a hot summers day the kids yell out “Mum! Dad! Take us swimming!” You start racking your brain for an original idea that will keep the kids entertained all day, be educational and light on the wallet. Here’s an idea to take a day trip with the family that also provides the kids with a safe environment for swimming.

Kondalilla Falls is an ideal location for swimming with kids

Kondalilla Falls is located just over 100km north of Brisbane, near Montville, in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Its is a beautiful natural and serene place to explore with the whole family and being reasonably close to Brisbane it is perfect place for a day trip.

The national park is named after the Kondalilla Falls, where Skene Creek drops 90m into a rainforest valley. Here you will find a sprawling rainforest and many native birds and animals, so if you’re after a learning experience for the kids you’ll find it right here.

The swimming hole is easily accessible and only a few minutes walk from the car park. It is large and lusciously green with a 4m cascade, all great for swimming with kids as long as you keep a watchful eye. The best part is that it is only a few minutes walk from the car park along a reasonably steep, but manageable decent.

Kondalilla Swimming Day Trip

If you’re after more than just a swim and depending on the fitness of the family and the age of the kids the full falls circuit is 4.7 km, with about 100 stairs to conquer. If you’re planning on walking the whole trail, it’s important to allow 2-3 hours to complete the walk plus any additional time you stop for lunch and a dip in the rock pools.

The walk to Kondalilla Waterfall

Kondalilla National Park

There is a circuit called Picnic Creek, which winds itself down an escarpment, past the rock pools and onto an exciting lookout with views of Kondalilla Falls. As you continue you will walk through a rainforest path leading you to the base of the waterfall.

Check their website to ensure that the trail is open as on occasion it has been closed.

This will be one of your most exciting day trips…the fun isn’t over yet, because once you get to the bottom, you get to walk all the way back up. Some families will be excited by the prospect of scaling the 100+ stairs on the Kondalilla Falls circuit, others may choose to walk a few hundred meters down the path and back. Whatever your preference the walk is worth it. Remember, regardless of how far you walk, its important to keep the whole family safe so make sure you are back at the car before sundown.

Watch our Video Review of Kondalilla Falls

Travelling from Brisbane to Kondalilla National Park

Drive north along the Bruce Highway, take the Steve Irwin Way Exit 163

Follow the scenic Steve Irwin Way approximately north and take the Landsborough turnoff

Continue through the Landsborough township and follow the signs for Montville on the Landsborough—Maleny Road (Blackall Range Tourist Drive 23).

Near the top of the range take a right onto Maleny—Montville Road, you’ll pass through Montville and continue on the road, the name of the road will change to Main Street and then Flaxton Drive.

Approximately 2.5km north of Montville turn left on Kondalilla Falls Road, this will take you to the car park

What to bring for your day trip

Its is important to remember that outing with the family out into nature can sometimes require a little extra ‘luggage’, here is a list of essentials to bring.

  • Bug spray for mosquitoes, leeches and ticks
  • Plenty of drinking water as it is not available at the park. Don’t drink the creek water as you could get sick
  • Walking shoes (closed toe are best), a hat, protective clothing and sunscreen
  • Swimming attire and a towel
  • Rubbish bags to remove your rubbish and recyclables from the park. Rubbish bins are not provided

So start packing your bags and your sunscreen

Enjoy your day and send us some photos, we’d love to see how much you enjoyed your Swim at Kondalilla National Park

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