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25 Things to do in Noosa with Kids in 2024

We’ve listed the best things you can do at Noosa, whether you’re more of an outdoorsy kind of family or prefer indoor activities, there’s a range of things you can do in beautiful Noosa.

Noosa is one of our favourite places on the Sunshine Coast. So if you are searching for ‘things to do in Noosa with kids’, then you will love our article. We have listed everything you need to know about one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

In this article, you will find a huge list of our very favourite (and all the best!) things to do in Noosa with kids. We’ve divided the list into a few different categories to help you plan your stay. Scroll down to find suggestions for:

When you get to the bottom of our suggestions, you will see we have added some links to our favourite accommodation in Noosa and even some rainy day ideas too!

Nature experiences: things to do in Noosa with kids

Noosa truly is the gateway to one of the most breathtakingly beautiful parts of the world. Pristine coastline, gorgeous untouched natural park and sunsets that almost break your heart while you watch them – they’re that full of beauty and promise.

We’d like to thank the gorgeous Robyn from Banana J Creations and her beautiful family for so many of these wonderful pictures. She makes incredible wares from teepee play tents to custom nursery accessories as well as going on incredible adventures with her children.

Touring this area of the world with kids offers a plethora of opportunities for them to ‘get amongst it’ and appreciate nature. Here are some of our favourite things to do in Noosa with kids:

1. Noosa Heads

25 Things to do in Noosa with Kids in 2024, Noosa Heads
Noosa Heads

A picture paints a thousand words, doesn’t it?

Noosa Heads is the epicentre of Noosa tourism. The restaurants, shops and galleries (which we’ll discuss later) provide the backdrop for one of the most jaw-dropping beaches you’ll ever encounter. Calm waves, clear water and plenty of space to spread out and take it all in.

25 Things to do in Noosa with Kids in 2024, Noosa Heads
Noosa Heads

2. Noosa National Park

25 Things to do in Noosa with Kids in 2024
Noosa National Park

Noosa National Park offers families a great opportunity to get some bush-walking done in an easy-to-navigate setting on the coastline. You’ll be surrounded by wildlife and serenity (until the kids start squealing, obviously). Plenty of opportunities for bird watching and peaceful reflection while you get those kilometres in. And you might just spot a natural beauty, like the Noosa Fairy Ponds.

25 Things to do in Noosa with Kids in 2024, Noosa fairy ponds
Noosa Fairy Ponds

There are a range of bush-walking options at different grades of difficulty so make sure you check in and plan accordingly. Take your swimmers just in case you feel like a dip!

3. Tewantin National Park

25 Things to do in Noosa with Kids in 2024, Tewantin National Park
Tewantin National Park

Thanks to Trip Advisor for the above photograph. 

Tewantin National Park can be found west of the Noosa region and offers the opportunity to see the world from a different angle. Mount Tinbeerwah Lookout provides a spectacular view of the entire region and is well worth the trip.

Take the Bruce Highway then follow towards Cooroy (Tewantin, Noosa, Cooray and Noosa Heads turn off). After you pass Tinbeerway you’ll be in the National Park. We recommend the Wooroi Picnic Area as a special stop-off to take it all in and relax on a picnic blanket.

4. Little Cove

25 Things to do in Noosa with Kids in 2024, Little Cove
Little Cove

Shhh. Little Cove is a secret.

This peaceful inlet is away from the hustle and bustle of the bigger beaches and always-packed Hastings St. Best suited for older kids or families with teenagers, Little Cove is easy to access now that the boardwalk has been built. You need to walk away from the main beach towards the Noosa National Park. Walk along the boardwalk then head down the stairs.

It’s a great spot for surfing, fishing and swimming and has that ‘old school charm’ as encapsulated by the above photo. Please note, though, that Little Cove is un-patrolled.

5. Teewah Coloured Sands

25 Things to do in Noosa with Kids in 2024, Teewah Coloured Sands
Teewah Coloured Sands

Visitors to Teewah Coloured Sands will definitely need access to a 4WD (an adventure we’ll discuss later in the article).

The Great Sandy National Park is home to the incredible Teewah Coloured Sands. Stories from the Dreamtime say that the sands were formed when a spirit took the form of a rainbow that engaged in a fight for the love of a young woman. When the spirit fell against the cliffs it shattered, causing the beautiful effect that you see today.

You can find this spot 3km north-east of Noosa Heads. There are tour operators who run trips out to the spot so make sure to investigate the best option for your crew.

6. Laguna Lookout

25 Things to do in Noosa with Kids in 2024, Laguna Lookout
Laguna Lookout


Located in Noosa Heads, Laguna Lookout offers a sweeping view of everything this gorgeous area has to offer. It’s our pick for budding amateur photographers.

Now that you’ve taken in a huge number of gorgeous natural experiences, it’s time to find some more things to do in Noosa with kids to burn off their energy!

Play: things to do in Noosa with kids

As nice as a holiday of peaceful reflection and quiet nature walks sounds, anyone with kids can tell you ‘that ain’t gonna happen’. If you’ve got little ones, medium ones or teenagers you know that, at some point, they’re going to have to burn off that kid-energy.

We’ve collated a number of our favourite activities to do with kids that are guaranteed to not only be fun but to hopefully (fingers crossed) encourage napping. Bliss.

7. Learn to surf

25 Things to do in Noosa with Kids in 2024, Surfing
Surfing at Noosa

What better activity to get the blood pumping than learning how to surf? Noosa has some of the best conditions in the world for learning how to surf – open space, relatively calm waves, gorgeous weather and awesome swell.

One of our writers wrote about her family learning to surf on the Gold Coast here if you need to be convinced!

Why not try learning to surf in Noosa? The waves are just right for learning and the team there is great with kids… tell us how you get on if you do… we think you will love it!

Check out your activity options in Noosa here.

8. Kayaking and paddle boarding

25 Things to do in Noosa with Kids in 2024, Kayaking and Paddle Boarding
Kayaking at Noosa

The Noosa River, and its many and varied winding tributaries, offer a fabulous chance to try kayaking and paddle boarding.

25 Things to do in Noosa with Kids in 2024, Paddle boarding
Paddle boarding at Noosa

As well as kayaking and paddle-boarding on the Noosa River, you can also head 40 minutes north to kayak in the Noosa Everglades. The everglades are only one of two everglades in the world and offer families a chance to slowly explore the myriad beautiful waterways and picturesque settings that the area has for careful nature observers.

For more information about Everglades tours in Noosa click here.

25 Things to do in Noosa with Kids in 2024, Kayaking
Kayaking at Noosa

Located about 40 minutes from Noosa Heads you can point your kayak in the direction of calm waters, pack a camera and supplies and head out for a day’s peaceful exercise. It’s a 60km long river system and is protected by the adjacent national park. It’s one of only two types of like systems in the world (the other one is in Florida).

You can bring your own equipment or hire paddle boards and kayaks from any of a number of local industries. Support small Noosa businesses!

If wildlife is your thing then this Noosa Dolphin View Kayak Tour is perfect for you!

Love getting out on the water but prefer to go faster? Click here to find out more about jet-boat thrill rides in Noosa!

If you prefer a slow pace but don’t want to paddle yourself, what about a gentle Noosa Everglades cruise? Check these out!

9. Snorkelling

25 Things to do in Noosa with Kids in 2024, Snorkelling
Snorkelling at Noosa

Have you been snorkelling before?

Taking children snorkelling is a surefire way to inspire their creativity, connect them with nature and absolutely exhaust them.

There are many spots in the Noosa region to take children snorkelling. This shot was at the gorgeous Noosa Heads and we’d recommend it for the calm water and high levels of visibility.

10. Hire a boat!

25 Things to do in Noosa with Kids in 2024, hire a boat
Hire a boat

Journey up and down Noosa River on your very own (or hired) boat!

You can fish, explore, have a meal on board, or just putter around. There are plenty of slow moving boats that go along the Noosa River and it’s easy to hire boats of low speed without having to secure a boating license.

25 Things to do in Noosa with Kids in 2024, Pelican Boat Hire
Pelican Boat Hire at Noosa

Our pick? Pelican Boat Hire.

11. Beach family BBQ and parties

25 Things to do in Noosa with Kids in 2024, beachside
Beachside at Noosa

Once you dock your boat, grab the crew and throw a beach party.

There are a number of really picturesque beachside BBQ and picnic areas all up and down the Noosa River. Many of these have playgrounds attached to them. Keep your eye out as you’re boating along and see what beautiful places you can spot! Plenty of space to play that family game of beach cricket!

12. Bike riding

25 Things to do in Noosa with Kids in 2024, electric bike riding
Electric bike riding in Noosa

Bike riding is a fabulous way to see any new place and we love Ecotekk Electric Bike Hire. They’re a Noosa business that will deliver your bike hire choice to you for use! Lots of options for the whole family (mountain bikes, urban bikes, folding bikes) and as they’re electric you’ll be able to go further faster and have way more fun! Woohoo!

13. Maleny Botanical Gardens and Bird World

Open 365 days a year (except on Christmas Day), there are plenty of things to do at Maleny Botanical Gardens and Bird World. Explore ancient rainforests at their botanical gardens or gawk at the majestic birds in their aviaries home to over 600 native and exotic birds from around the world.

Adventure – things to do in Noosa with kids

Our adventure section covers day trips from Noosa designed to amp up the fun, get those little hearts racing and leave your family with memories to last a lifetime.

A lot of these destinations involve driving (sometimes up to an hour) from Noosa as your base so please factor that into your planning.

14. Dolphin and whale watching

Our choice is Dolphin View Kayak Great Beach Drive Adventures Noosa Day Tour (phew!).

This is a great part of the world from which to watch the beautiful phenomenon of migration. There are plenty of places to whale and dolphin watch in the Noosa region.

These are seasonal activities (June to November) and most on-boat tours that last for a least a couple of hours.

15. Australia Zoo

25 Things to do in Noosa with Kids in 2024, Australia Zoo
Australia Zoo

Head south from Noosa to Australia Zoo – Queensland’s home of wild experiences. Steve Irwin’s legacy continues to thrive and we know how to get free tickets.

16. Sea Life

25 Things to do in Noosa with Kids in 2024, Sea Life
Sea Life

Sea Life, previously known as Underwater World, continues to entrance local and international families alike. It’s the perfect place to take kids, regardless of weather or heat. Wander through the viewing areas, take in a seal show, let the little ones play in the themed soft play area, and sample delicious eats in their on-site cafe. Check out these discounted Sea Life tickets too!

17. Aussie World

25 Things to do in Noosa with Kids in 2024, Aussie World
Aussie World

Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi! Aussie World is actually one of our top picks for Sunshine Coast party venues. About an hour or so south of Noosa, Aussie World offers good old-fashioned theme park fun at old-fashioned prices.

Sideshow rides, carnival games, delicious food and a howlin’ good time. Aussie World is a great day trip from Noosa that’s perfect for tweens and teens.

18. Big Pineapple & Wildlife HQ Zoo & Treetop Challenge

TreeTop Challenge Big Pineapple Noosa
Treetop Challenge in Noosa

Baby, check out the Big Pineapple now! It’s revamped and has its very own conservation zoo that’s open to the public every day of the week. While you are there check out their Treetop Challenge, just like we did.

The two-kilometre Treetop Challenge features around 100 activities, with a variety of challenges including 12 ziplines (one 120m long!), high wires, swinging step-to-step platforms, cargo nets, balance beams and so much more, this is a dream for adrenaline junkies. There are several courses ranging from easy to “Oh My Gosh, I Can’t Do That!”, taking you up to 25m above ground.

This iconic QLD destination lives to see another century and it’s a ‘must see’.

19. 4WD adventures

Head to Noosa North Shore (Cooloola National Park) for one of the Sunshine Coast’s most exciting 4WD experiences. Surrounded by parks on one side and a beautiful coastline on the other, it’s a 4WDer’s dream run.

25 Things to do in Noosa with Kids in 2024, 4WD driving
4WD driving in Noosa

Travel during low tide and you must purchase a permit you must purchase a permit before embarking on this adventure. Bonus points if you bring your surfboard!

20. Noosa Tandem Skydive

Combine the epic thrill of free-fall with some of the Sunny Coast’s signature gorgeous beachfront scenery with a skydive up to 15,000ft over beautiful Noosa and Coolum Beaches! Join your friendly and reassuring skydive operators at Sunshine Coast Airport in Marcoola and get set to put your fears aside as they give you a full safety briefing and suit you up in the latest and greatest skydiving equipment and jumpsuit. Once the instruction and safety briefing is over you’ll hop aboard a light aircraft to soar up over the Sunshine Coast’s landscape for some awesome views of the hinterland, beach, and glittering waters beyond.

Click here to find out more and book a skydiving experience over Noosa!

Culture – things to do in Noosa with kids

Alright, let’s slow down the breakneck pace a little! We’ll wind up our ‘things to do in Noosa with kids’ list with a quick look at some of the cultural and retail options that the region has to offer. The first stop is a classic.

21. Eumundi Markets

25 Things to do in Noosa with Kids in 2024, Eumundi Markets
Eumundi Markets

It’s our pick of Sunshine coast markets for families. Eumundi Markets are an eclectic mix of art, jewellery, fashion, produce and coffee! Fabulous for an early morning sojourn, a family trip or some time by yourself. Saturday mornings are our favourite time.

22. Art galleries

Head to the Noosa Regional Art Gallery for that little bit of cultural reflection and artistic appreciation. Admire installations from local and international artists while promoting the creative expression in your kids.

Find out here why our kids need art in their lives.

23. Self-guided street art tour

25 Things to do in Noosa with Kids in 2024, street art
Street art in Eumundi

If you are a lover of street art (full disclosure, I am!) then check out the amazing street art in Eumundi! The town is known for its colourful, quirky ways and is full of artisan delights beyond the markets! Discover these street art treasures in alleyways, across outdoor walls, inside cafes and bars, and even on the bins!

Find a street art map and photos here.

24. Shopping on Hastings Street

things to do in noosa with kids shopping
Shopping on Hastings Street

Just like Vanessa Williams, we’ve gone and saved the best for last. (And to be honest? This might be one you want to do by yourself!)

Hastings St is the Paris of the Sunshine Coast. It’s a tour de force of high-end fashion, eclectic boutiques, creative wares, and a million and one ways to spend your money. Nothing better than a carefree waft up and down the street going in and out of the most beautiful stores you’ve ever seen. Top it off with a coffee or a meal at any number of delectable Hastings St eateries. Check here to see if the one you’ve got your eye on is on our list of child-friendly spots. 

25. Noosa Surf Museum

Noosa Surf Museum
Noosa Surf Museum

The Noosa Surf Museum, located in the Boarding Offices, immerses visitors in the rich and dynamic history of surfing. Featuring a captivating collection of vintage surfboards, memorabilia, and photographs, the museum pays homage to the local surf culture and its global impact. As you explore the exhibits, you’ll discover the evolution of surfboard design, witness the triumphs of legendary surfers, and gain insight into the cultural significance of surfing in Noosa. With its engaging displays and interactive elements, the Noosa Surf Museum offers a unique opportunity to ride the waves of nostalgia and appreciation for the enduring surf legacy that has become synonymous with this sun-kissed paradise.

Pixels Arcade

Pixel Arcade Noosa

Noosa Pixel Arcade is like the ultimate playground for awesome family fun! Imagine a place filled with cool lights and sounds where you can play all kinds of games, from classic pinball to super high-tech virtual reality adventures. The kids can have a blast competing and showing off their gaming skills. The place looks like a colorful wonderland, and every time you visit, it’s like stepping into a world of excitement. With lots of fun games and laughter, Noosa Pixel Arcade is the perfect spot for creating memories with your family. It’s a place where the fun never ends!

Things to do in Noosa with kids

Phew! We’re spent! If you can think of any great things to do in Noosa with kids that we’ve missed (and you’re willing to share your secrets) please let us know in the comments.

We love these tours and ideas from Experience Oz… check them out here.

Best family-friendly accommodation in Noosa

We’ve also expanded this list to include the best family-friendly accommodation in Noosa as well! You can find out the top 10 choices for where to stay in Noosa here.


You will find our rainy-day guide for Noosa here.

This article was featured in Issue 42 of our printed magazine, published October 2020.

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