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Holding Memories In Our Hands: The Value Of Physical Photographs

It’s a funny irony that now that we can shoot and store billions of photos we have less physical photographs than we did 10 years ago. Although it seems easy to take and keep photos, our digital imagery is easily lost as old laptops pile up and hard drives fail. The value of a few memorable photographs a year, collected over time, is probably worth more than the many forgotten hard drives collecting dust in a shed.

Technology Updates; Art Is Timeless

If we are lucky we get a couple of great photos every year where the whole family has a clean face, isn’t blinking and is mostly smiling. Or a single image of someone we love which captures their inner and outer beauty. These photos are virtually miracles. It’s not until this time is a memory that we truly realise the value of capturing that moment and preserving it. While all photography is subject to technological innovation the reliance on camera phones means we are missing and misusing some of the incredible possibilities of photography.

A professional photographer can artfully find the balance between capturing your true selves and bringing out the best in the whole family. As we get older we can start to lose our sense of self and this is where photographs can help stimulate your mind and warm your heart. If you are finding it hard to justify a professional photo shoot then consider the joy it will bring not just you, but the relatives and extended family who value your family also.

Memories. History. Personal Narrative. Connection

physical photographs Incy Wincy Photography

Photography holds on paper what is timeless yet transitory in our lives: our growth and connection as a family. Photographs are precious memories we will have forever and form part of human history. Why do we take photographs or have photographers take photographs of us? Some of the more recent reasons is to use on social media, some to show friends and family but the original reason behind a photograph was to show we felt emotion, to hold onto the memory, to tell a story and to appreciate what life has given us.

Aged Care And The Importance Of Photographs

To appreciate the contrast between the value of photography 10 years ago and now visit an aged care facility. In every residents room there is a little piece of their life and in every residents room there are photographs. Photographs of their wedding day, grandchildren and their working years. Photographs of memories captured forever.
Photographs tell a story and portray an emotion. These images in each resident’s room start a conversation and allow space to reminisce about days gone by in their lives, reinforcing their memories. Being able to connect and engage with someone about photographs and their life is rewarding and beneficial for them and shares a story otherwise untold.

Capture Today To Remember It Tomorrow

Physical photographs give joy like a favourite book- you can reread them endlessly and find something new or savour your favourite part. Using a professional photographer bring fresh eyes into your world and offers you a photograph which captures a moment and frames it artistically. These iconic images will form the heart of your memories and share the joy of your family with your nearest and dearest. Spoil yourself and share the memories by booking a professional photo shoot at least once in your life.

Rhiannon Curtis at Incy Wincy Photography uses her experience in aged care to inform her unintrusive photographic style. She understands that the imagery we capture today will be shared with generations of family and friends.

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