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Quick, Simple Christmas Street Party Ideas!

Christmas Street Party

There’s nothing like a Christmas street party to bring the neighbourhood together but seriously, who has time for that!  Organising a Christmas street party sounds like a big job but it can be nice and simple, if you have a few friendly neighbours and some eager little helpers!

Food and drink – keep it simple

It doesn’t have to be a full staged, gourmet catered affair to delight the local kids.  The simplest street party is a mid afternoon affair (no food required beyond snacks!)  If you’d like to make it a meal with the neighbours, you can opt for a pot luck where everyone brings a plate and their own drinks and chairs.  Consider grabbing a gourmet gift hamper pre-packed and just providing snacks if you’d like to “cater-not-cater”.  If you’re keen to go next level, a neighbourhood barbecue is a simple way to get everyone fed without dealing with a lot of food prep.  It’s mostly about the neighbourhood kids having a great time, so forget catering and focus on fun!

Street party games

If you’re lucky enough to live in a cul de sac or on a quiet street you can set up the wheelie bins and crack out some Christmas cricket.  If not, band together with your immediate neighbours to make it a front yard affair.  In the spirit of keeping it simple, there are a few games that can be played easily on driveways and in front yards with little fuss and few overheads.

  • Slip and slide
  • Water bomb/water gun play
  • Chalk bomb play
  • Shaving cream snowmen or snowball fight

Christmas Street Party  Christmas Street Party Snowballs

  • Oven mit challenge

    • Bobbing for apples
  • Bobbing For Apples, Easy Christmas Street Party Game Idea
    • Hose and sprinkler play
    • Christmas pinata
    • Treasure hunt
    • Christmas carol karaoke
    • Christmas light disco

 Easy Christmas street party ideas

To make the party festive, invite all of your neighbours to turn their Christmas lights on for the event and remind all kids to wear their Christmas outfits.  It doesn’t take much to get kids excited about Christmas and to bring your neighbours together for a memorable and wonderful community event.  Brisbane is a great place to get to know your neighbours, and this is the perfect time of year for a little goodwill for all!


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