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Minions Party Ideas – Banana! Gru! Annnnd The Rest! Great Party Ideas!

Are you looking for MINIONS PARTY IDEAS?! We’ve got enough here to keep everyone happy – Stuart, Kevin, Bob… and the other ones! Peruse our list but be warned – there may be fart guns in here…

Top 15 MINIONS Party Ideas

They’re the cutest little yellow… whatever-they-ares on the block and MINIONS are a huge hit with basically everyone. Toddlers to senior citizens – everyone loves these weird little guys! That’s why a Minion party is going to be pretty much guaranteed to be a smash hit.

Here are twenty Minion Party Ideas to really get your party pumping!

Minions  Cups

All you’re going to need are some yellow plastic cups, some googly eyes and a Sharpie or  Nikko. And Bob’s (or Stuart’s) your uncle!

minions party ideas cups

Minions Bottles

Oh my goodness, how cute are these? Definitely for the littler crowd. These tiny little wonders are easy to make and absolutely adorable. So cute!

minions party ideas bottles

Minions Bubble Blowers

Another ingenious move from Pinterest! We love the range of expressions on these little guys. Yellow bottles of bubbles, a permanent market, glue, googly eyes and some blue tape for the overalls and you’re bubbling! Another awesome Minions party ideas!

minions party ideas bubbles

Minions Music

DID YOU KNOW that if you go to the free music sharing program SPOTIFY and type “MINIONS” into the search bar you’ll get a soundtrack that covers every song from every Minions movie? IT’S TRUE! The perfect soundtrack to your rocking’ Minions party!

Make Your Own Minions

This one will be very age and ability dependent but this is a great idea for a crafty party. A Make-Your-Own-Minion station will let little ones get creative and come up with their own creations that even Gru would approve of!

minions party ideas craft

Minions Balloons

What more explanation is required? Get yellow balloons and draw your Minion faces right onto them. Better yet – get the kids to do it! How fun!


As any fan of the movies knows, Minions are CRAZY for bananas. You can serve trays of them, have a banana shaped or flavoured cake or even dress up a few of them. Cuties.

minions party ideas bananas

Minion Poppers

We love making poppers for any festive occasion. You can make some really cute ones for Halloween and Christmas and MINIONS PARTIES are no different!

Minions Freeze Rays

Gru would be so proud of you! Take some ordinary water pistols and transform them into MINIONS FREEZE RAYS. Hot tip – this is BY FAR a better game when played during SUMMER birthday parties!

minions party ideas guns

Ultimate MINIONS Decorations

Check out the style on this! See if you can replicate your own Minions party theme style. Yellow, blue and white – sounds so right, doesn’t it?

minions party ideas decorations

Working in the lab

Working in the lab for Gru is tough, dangerous work. And the Minions should know! That’s why they need the very best in head protection. This could be a great party favour, costume or prize at your Minions party!

minions party ideas hats

Minions Party Games

There are a lot of classic children’s party games that you could take inspiration from for a Minions party ideas ‘twist’. What’s the time Mr Gru? Yellow Minion, Yellow Minion, I call over.., Musical Minions. There are HEAPS of options that could be really, really fun!

Viewing Party

This is a bit of a cheat (and one that the parents might really enjoy) but why not pop on one of the movies after the cake and have the kids settle down a little while you start to deal with some of the chaos?

Minions Colouring in Competition

You can find heaps of these online (or make your own). Print them off, provide the crayons and award a prize to the best, most realistic (or not) Minion!

minions party ideas colouring

Every Minion Dance Now!

Of course, EVERY Minion loves a dance party! Head back up to find that Spotify playlist and let the moves flow! Get a strobe light happening and really get the party pumping!

Enjoy your Minion party ideas – hope it’s a banana-rific good time!

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