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Planning a Dinosaur Themed Party in Brisbane?

Planning a Dinosaur Themed Party in Brisbane? Check out These Ideas!

cartoon dinosaur with party hat and present

Is the little dinosaur lover in your party about to celebrate their party? Make their day by having an awesome dinosaur themed party!

Queensland Museum

Dinosaur lovers will absolutely love visiting the Queensland Museum for their Birthday. The Lost Creatures exhibit has plenty of dinosaurs and fossils to see. There is also a great exhibit on at the moment called Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous. The life sized dinosaurs are sure to delight the kids. Finish the day by visiting the Energex Playasaurus Place.

Abbey Museum

Looking for a fun place to do some dino digging? The Abbey Museum hosts dino digs every now and again. Check out their website to see if they’re hosting one sometime soon.

Home Dinosaur Parties

The best kind of dinosaur party can be the one you make at home! Here are some great ideas for a dinosaur themed birthday party:

  • Create a dinosaur paradise! Nature Works is a company which loans out animal figures. They have a variety of dinosaurs to choose from (including life sized dinos!). Set up a few dinosaurs amongst some ferns and rocks and you have yourself a dinosaur fun zone! Check out their website here:
  • Have a sandpit at home? This is perfect for setting up a fossil hunt! You can hire fossils from Nature Works, or you can make them yourself! Kids will love using little brushes and shovels to uncover the ancient reptiles.
  • Have a dinosaur hunt! Small dinosaur figures and eggs can be hired from Nature Works. You can also use small dinosaur toys.
  • Make some delectable dino treats! From dinosaur bone biscuits to a scary tyrannosaurus rex head shaped watermelon, the possibilities are endless! The internet is the best place to find tasty Jurassic food!

You can also have an awesome dinosaur themed party with no hassles attached! Some of the businesses which can provide dinosaur themed parties include:

  • Super Steph – Super Steph provides an awesome 2 hour dinosaur themed party.

Looking for an awesome themed cake?? Check out this easy Triceratops dinosaur birthday cake recipe!!

When it comes to planning a dinosaur party, there is just so many ideas to choose from. The hardest part will be deciding just what exactly to do! Why not start a list today so you can plan the best dinosaur party for your little dino lover!

We love a themed party! Here are more themed party ideas:

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