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Christmas Games and Christmas Trivia Quizzes for Kids!

Looking to get organised and chasing some Christmas Games for the kids this year? Here is a collection of great ideas that are sure to get the party going!

Christmas Games For The Whole Family!

Here are some low-key ideas for next-level Christmas fun! Some of these require a lot of planning but many can be done on the fly. Ho ho ho!

Bell Toss

This one may look like an American drinking game but it’s definitely kid friendly! Line up some cups on one side of the table and have the kids stand on the other. They can throw jingle bells or baubles and try to land them in the cups without tipping them over!


A family classic! A rousing game of charades is sure to bring out the competitive and creative side at your family gathering. Christmas Games like these can definitely bring the team together (unless you’re paired with a daggy uncle who just doesn’t get it!).

Kids in the Kitchen

Get those little hands to work with decorating cookies! A couple of packets of plain Arnott biscuits and some piped icing (straight from the grocery store) will see the little ones involved and having fun at the same time.

Bad Santa

This is probably one of those Christmas Games that won’t work with little kids but older ones should definitely be into the spirit! Bad Santa can be played a few ways – you deliberately give TERRIBLE cheap gifts and try to swap them out or you can give GOOD cheap gifts and try to swap them amongst each other. It’s pretty funny when done right – as long as no one gets too attached to their particular gift!

Pin the Nose on the Reindeer

It’s Pin the Nose on the Donkey with a Christmas twist! You’ll need a nice big picture of Rudolph (sans nose, of course) and a big honkin’ red circle for his nose. This is a great one for little kids and sure to make for some adorable Christmas happy snaps.

Christmas Trivia

Make your own Christmas trivia! Questions could be about reason for the season, family history, Christmas pop culture – the possibilities are endless! Find some more ideas for Christmas quizzes here.

Christmas Traditions in your house

What are your treasured family Christmas traditions? Got any Christmas Games that you like to play? We’d love to know!

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