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DIY Christmas Snow Globe – Craft with Kids

A DIY Christmas Snow globe can be a beautiful and mesmerising Christmas decoration loved for hundreds of years. We’re going to show you how you can get crafty with the kids and make your own.

It’s that time of the year when we can enjoy making Christmas craft with our mini-me’s plus it will keep them entertained…briefly! Snow globes are a really fun craft activity and make great presents and decorations.

We are going to show you how you can create your own original and colourful, glittery snow globes.

What you’ll need to create your DIY Christmas snow globe

There are a few items you’ll need to create a snow globe, some can be found around the house, while others you’ll need to buy. Here’s a list of essential snow globe making items:

Christmas Craft with kids snow globes (1)
  • Jars with lids. Our project will require the jar to be positioned upside down so be sure to test that the lids are watertight. You can use any type of jar: pasta sauce, jam, even pickles. We have found that plain jars with no motif let you see inside the snow globe most clearly.
  • Glue. Preferably fast drying superglue or some other form of waterproof glue. You can try silicone too if its handy – the type you would use in the bathroom).
  • An ornament. This is the key feature of the snow globe and can be anything you like. Christmas-themed; a toy soldier or a figurine; even a rock. Just make sure your ornament is waterproof. Plastic, glass or stone works best and it needs to be small enough to fit through the opening of the jar.
  • Glitter. Any kind of glitter will do. Choose your favourite colours, get creative and mix and match.
  • Ribbon. You can include a ribbon too, however this is optional.
  • Paint. To paint your figurines it’s best to use a waterproof paint (this is also optional).

The first step to creating a snow globe

Make sure your jar is clean inside and out. Take the lid off the jar and carefully apply your glue to the inside of the lid. It might adhere better if you sand a small area on the inside of the lid with a fine sandpaper just to roughen it up a bit.

You’ll get best results from a glue that is not water soluble. If you are using superglue or a silicone, its best to do this for the kids. They will love getting involved in the next steps.

Grab your ornament and place it in the centre of the glue. Do not glue it too close to the edge of the lid as you need to be able to screw it back on to the jar. Make sure it is stuck down firmly, then leave it to dry before continuing to the next step.

Christmas Craft with kids snow globes (2)

Next, add some colour or sparkle to your figurines

Grab your glue or paint and cover the figurines fully. 

Christmas Craft with kids snow globes (3)

For extra sparkle grab your glitter shaker and cover the figurines in a thick coat of glitter, while your paint or glue is still wet.

Christmas Craft with kids snow globes (4)

Now leave the ornament to dry.

Christmas Craft with kids snow globes (5)

Start assembling your snow globe

Take your glitter shaker again and sprinkle some glitter into the bottom of the empty jar. The bigger the jar, the more glitter you can use. If your jar is little don’t sprinkle too much as you will find you will have a vicious snow storm inside of your globe. Instead, opt for a more tranquil light sprinkling so you can see the ornament through the storm of glitter.

Next, fill your jar with water leaving enough room at the top for your ornament to fit inside and not overflow the jar. You can try adding a few drops of glycerine to the water to make it a thicker consistency so that the glitter will fall more slowly.  Clear baby oil will also give the same effect.

The final steps to completing your DIY Christmas snow globe

To complete your snow globe, check that your ornament is dry by touching it gently with your fingers. If it’s a humid day the drying process may take a little longer. If you find you are having trouble with your glue drying, a handy tip is to use a hairdryer. Keep in mind, it will be best if you control the hair dryer yourself to avoid any burns.

Once you are satisfied that the paint, glue and glitter on your ornament and lid are completely dry, place them upside-down into the water-filled jar, screw the lid on tight and turn the snow globe up the right way.

Christmas Craft with kids snow globes (6)

You’ll see your beautiful decorated ornament inside amidst a gentle sprinkle of fresh winter snow as it floats slowly to the ground.

If you want to make it more decorative, simply take a piece of ribbon and tie it or glue it around the base of the lid.

Get creative with your snow globes and create more with varying colours, jars and ornaments inside

Now that the kids know how to create snow globes make one for each member of the family. They are sure to delight as presents and make fantastic centrepieces at the family Christmas table.

Try putting a tea-light candle on top to create a candle holder, or stagger them among the desserts on the dessert table.

Whatever you do with the complete product, we’re sure you and the kids will enjoy the process of getting creative and making something together.

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