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Best Kids Charities | Make a difference at Christmas (and all year round!)

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What are the BEST kids charities? And how will you know your money is going to the right place? How can you be sure that you’re making a difference in a little life?

Choosing the best kids charities

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As with any charity, it’s best to do your research. Unfortunately, there are organisations out there that take advantage of well-meaning souls and misappropriate funds for nefarious purposes. Some organisations, as charitable as their intentions may be, cost a lot to run so your donations through them may well not actually get to where you’re intending them to go.

Where does that leave you, the would-be donator? Here’s a quick guide.

  • Research the charity thoroughly BEFORE getting out your cheque book
  • Check to see what the goals of the charity are
  • Make sure they’re transparent – they should be able to show you where the money goes

The best kids charities for Christmas (or any time of year!)

Here are our favourites.

Save The Children

Save The Children have long been champions for the rights of children all over the world. From the provision of food and water to finding safe harbour or allowing children to access education – this is a charity that works to make a difference. You can arrange for monthly payments, make a one-off donation or commit to the long-term sponsoring of a child. Find out more at this link. 

Children’s Hospital Foundation

Sick kids in Australia need your help. The Children’s Hospital Foundation looks to put bright smiles on some sad little faces. Their goal is to let kids be kids, regardless of illness. It’s all about re-capturing that elusive magic of childhood and making awful stays in the hospital that little bit better. They’re one of our top picks for Christmas charity donations. 

The Children’s Hospital Foundation has some fairly strict guidelines surrounding how to help (and if you want to donate) so make sure you check this site thoroughly before making a commitment.

The Pyjama Foundation

The Pyjama Foundation are GOOD PEOPLE. They look to improve the lives of children in foster care and try to give them the confidence and life skills they’ll need to make it out in the world after a rough start. They have a focus on literacy and numeracy as well as social skills and building emotional resilience. Pretty good people, right? Here’s how to get involved with their fundraising activities.

Starlight Foundation

The Starlight Foundation help make the lives of children, and their families, better at a time when most of us would be inconsolable. They look to give amazing, life-altering experiences to seriously sick kids. They need help in providing experiences, raising funds for amazing events, growing awareness and getting boots on the ground to make things HAPPEN. Team work makes the dream work!

Be part of that team – follow this link to work with Starlight Foundation and make a real difference. 

Best Kids Charities – Can it start at home?

Consider what you are teaching your children when you introduce the concept of charity into the home.

Compassion. Empathy. Respect. Tolerance. Understanding. Perspective. Gratitude.

Such brilliant qualities to instil in our own children while helping deserving members of the community at the same time. Sure, you can donate your time to volunteer at your kids’ school, but the real gift comes in allowing your children to experience it for themselves.

Get involved. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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