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The Best Frozen Party Ideas for Kids

If Frozen Party Ideas have you tearing your Elsa wig off in frustration, there’s no need to turn everything to ice! Here are some simple, straight-forward ideas that can lift your party to glacial heights. After all, love IS an open door!

Frozen Party Ideas to melt the coldest heart

Firstly, let’s all agree that Hans sucks. Good, that’s out of the way.

Frozen party ideas sound daunting but they’re really not. Kids love this movie. Like, they’re obsessed. LIKE, ENOUGH ALREADY. They know the soundtrack and they know every line so even the merest hint of Frozen-ness will have them frothing like Sven at the first sight of a carrot.

Here are some basic things that you can do that are quick, relatively easy and will impress your guests. Simple.

Elsa and Anna Crowns

frozen party ideas crown

Of course, you must dress like royalty! Paper crown decorating kits can be picked up from places like KMart or you can make your own with cardboard and little packets of bits and bobs from cheap shops.

Soundtrack Singalong and Dance Party

Look up FROZEN on Spotify or play the soundtrack off Youtube. You can have singing and dancing competitions as well as DRAMATIC re-enactments of particular key scenes. Even get the adults involved for extra giggles! No cost, high fun, perfect Frozen party ideas.

Frozen Cakes and Treats

This might be where some parents would outlay lots of cash but that doesn’t have to be for you. A sponge cake with blue fondant icing (with white icicle accents) topped with some small Frozen characters will be charming and do the trick. Don’t be intimidated by Pinterest Mums – you can do this too!

frozen party ideas cake

Outsource, baby!

Lots of playcentres and party venues have FROZEN as a set theme. Many of them have pre-decorated rooms, party favours, cakes, games and they’ll have a staff member dress up as Elsa to visit! Have a look at our list of favoured kids party venues and make some calls to see if your local will accommodate a Frozen party.

Snowball Fight!

Wanna build a snowman? No? How about a SNOWBALL FIGHT?! Here’s a cute tutorial to help you learn how to DIY snowballs that you can use INSIDE. Cuties! I’m gonna keep you!

Frozen party ideas don’t need to cost the earth and you don’t need to be up in tears the night before trying to make everything just right. Children don’t remember Pinterest-perfect decorations – they remember YOU being there and how fun YOU were. So be fun. Relax. And LET. IT. GO.

We love a themed party! Here are more themed party ideas:

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