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Things to do on a SATURDAY – Your best picks for family-friendly fun!

things to do on a saturday feature

Searching for ‘things to do on a Saturday’? We got ’em! There are some great south-east Queensland ideas in here for families on any budget.

Things to do on a SATURDAY in South-East QLD / Northern NSW

Saturday’s a bit of a weird day, isn’t it? You’re coming down from the busy week whilst darting about doing weekend sports. You want to make the most of the time off (because Sundays always seem so cruelly short) but you really don’t know if you can be bothered going too far. And why would you when there’s so much to do in your own backyard?

Hopefully this list can help take some of the ‘huh?’ out of the decision making process. We think these are the BEST things to do on a Saturday regardless of your location. Some of these require a bit of cash but many of them are free or cheap. Sounds perfect to us!

Without further adieu…

Bike Riding / Skating / Scootering

things to do on a saturday bike

We’ve got a brief list of the best bike paths in kids for Brisbane but there’s so much more than that! Brissie also has a number of great skate parks as well.

Federation Walk on the Gold Coast is a great choice, as are any number of awesome GC skate parks. 

Make a splash!

things to do on a saturday swimming

Don’t have your own pool? No worries! Here’s where to find the best public swimming pools in Brisbane.

And don’t forget the Gold Coast! 

We’ve also got:

Climb a tree!

things to do on a saturday climbing

Wait, what? One of our FAVE things to do on a Saturday is some real old-school parenting and actually let kids go outside and BE kids! Here are our favourite climbing trees in Brisbane but you’ve probably already got heaps nearby.

Things to do on a Saturday

Here are the rules for an awesome Saturday with your kids:

  1. Good food
  2. Good laughs
  3. Good times spent together

There’s no need to spend big bucks or to plan anything outlandish. Step outside and see what you can find close to home! Enjoy!

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