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QUT School Holiday Activities
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QUT School holiday activities are the BEST!

QUT The Cube

The Cube is one of the world’s largest digital interactive learning and display spaces consisting of 48 multi-touch screens and soaring across two storeys in QUT’s Science and Engineering Centre. It delivers unique interactive digital learning experiences that communicate science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) concepts and bring research to the public. The Cube inspires and engages the next generation with extensive outreach to schools, including hands-on and interactive workshops and public programs for students during school terms and in school holidays.

QUT School Holiday Activities

Physics Observatory

Imagine throwing a wooden block while on the Moon’s gravity and then observing the difference when you throw one on the Sun. As you explore the Physics Observatory you will learn about key historical figures, their experiments, and be able to play through different scenarios to discover key principles of physics. Get zapped by a Tesla coil, change the gravity in the environment, drop weights from a great height and even find out how long light takes to travel across the Solar System.


Code-A-Bot is a FREE interactive digital game putting you in charge of programming robot workers to collect and sort rubbish, improving the overall efficiency of a waste recycling plant. Using The Cube’s digital touch screens, robots can be coded to move, sense, and collect or distribute rubbish around the facility and into the correct bins.

Check out this QUT robot event here.

The Living Reef

Interactive Screens at QUT The Cube

A digital marine ecosystem, The Living Reef is a FREE immersive underwater interactive experience of the Great Barrier Reef. The Living Reef features interactive on-screen activities. Turtle Tangle allows visitors to cut away ghost nets to help to free a turtle and Reef Ranger allows visitors to navigate RangerBot – an underwater vehicle developed by QUT’s Professor Matthew Dunbabin.

Dino Zoo

Ever wanted to meet a dinosaur? Dino Zoo at The Cube is the closest you can get to the real thing – minus the danger of being eaten! The life-sized dinosaurs are the most scientifically accurate portrayals of these creatures in the world. And, thanks to artificial intelligence, the dinosaurs will even behave like the real thing, based on a set of behavioural parameters for each species. This is the first time that these dinosaurs have been portrayed to this level of accuracy using current movement studies as well as matching their locomotion and stride to existing trackways.

Dino Zoo includes digital activities, an archaeological dig simulator, an interactive Earth timeline and more. Please note: A life-sized dinosaur isn’t cuddly or friendly.  While the experience can be a lot of fun, some children might need the comfort of a brave adult ranger to ensure a positive experience. Children under 12 must be supervised at all times.

The Retro Arcade

The Retro Arcade is an ever-expanding trip down memory lane into 80s style games, revitalised and showcasing the mathematics behind each game.

Mighty Pucks is an ice hockey game where beautiful pixel graphics combine with fast based action to create an intense match where two teams of two players compete for victory. Track Stars is a four-player retro inspired rendition of the hundred-metre dash with a twist. This race includes obstacles such as hurdles, water traps, sandpits, springboards and speed boost pads which intensify the competition and destroy friendships!

Other games rotating in The Retro Arcade include Block Breakers, Parabola Pirates and Space Junk. Built into these games are behind-the-scenes mathematical insights, capable of showing off the algorithms that go into achieving simple arcade fun.

Water Tank

A sophisticated real-time digital water simulation, Water Tank is water play without getting wet! Fill and drain the water, add objects like a stone, a rubber duck or a ball to the tank to learn about buoyancy, and watch as ripples and waves demonstrate how the surface of the water reacts to your touch.

Wind Tunnel

Using complex algorithms, Wind Tunnel simulates air flow as it passes over a static object such as an aerofoil, car, truck or plane. Choose your object, set your parameters and watch as smoke and particle effects help to visualise the air movement over the object, demonstrating the concepts of drag and lift, turbulence, velocity and pressure.

Visiting QUT The Cube

  • Parental supervision is required at all times.
  • Bookings may be required for some events. 
  • There are different shows on the screens each day sop be sure to look online for whats on each day.
  • These school holiday activities run from 10am – 4pm daily. Admission to The Cube is free. 
  • These holiday activities are suitable for children ages 5 and up.
  • Head to THE CUBE, Science & Engineering Centre (P Block), QUT Gardens Point.
  • Head here for more information.

Previous QUT School Holiday Activities

Save a turtle trapped in a fishing net and explore the reef in a range of hands-on and VR activities including the Reef 3D and VR Workshop, Sphero Sea Rescue (robotics!) and the QUT Research Zone. There are heaps of other activities and classes for children of aged 5+ to participate in.

What activities can we do?

  • Ocean Creations – FREE craft workshop, no bookings required
  • Research Zone – FREE microscope and VR activities and games, no bookings required
  • Sphero Sea Rescue – FREE hands-on robotics challenge
  • Water Works Workshop – designed to get students thinking about the importance of water quality including hands-on water treatment and testing, $17 per person, bookings essential
  • Reef 3D and VR Workshop – learn how to use 3D design STEM Tools to design and create their own underwater world complete with turtles, dolphins, sharks and more. Then learn how to use Virtual Reality (V.R.) and Augmented Reality (A.R.) to explore their new 3D world. $17 per person, bookings essential
  • The Reef Challenge – pitch a product or service which could benefit the Great Barrier Reef, $27 per person, bookings essential
  • The Living Reef – FREE immersive experience with giant screens and touch-screen activities, no bookings required
  • Physics Observatory – explore gravity with amazing interactive touch-screens. FREE, no bookings required
  • Retro Arcade parents will love this trip down memory lane with 80s style arcade games, FREE, no bookings required

Learn about the Reef QUT The Cube

  • They run from 10am – 2pm
  • These holiday activities are suitable for children ages 5 and up
  • Head to THE CUBE, Science & Engineering Centre (P Block), QUT Gardens Point

The Cube @ QUT School Holiday Activities Summer 2019

On your mark, get set, GO! Put yourself in the driver’s seat this January for QUT’s Summer Holiday Program. QUT School holiday activities are the BEST!

qut school holiday activities girls in front of big screen

Test drive The Cube’s new wind and water simulations and explore a range of hands-on activities including Drone coding workshops, a Sphero aqua challenge and Augmented reality drawing. While you are on campus, drop-in to QUT Art Museum to make your own shadow puppets with Artist in residence, Kyoko Imazu.

Join them for the Family Fun Day on Saturday 12 January to enjoy a supercharged day of activities including QUT eSports sessionsSnow slingers VR and live performances by Street Science.

What activities can we do?

qut school holiday activities girls with ipad

– Drone Coding Workshop (tickets $22, bookings essential)
– Augmented Reality Drawing
– Sphere Aqua Challenge
– Water Tank
– Wind Tunnel
– Take to the sky with Paper Planes
– The Retro Arcade
– Shadow Puppets at QUT Art Museum


The Cube @ QUT School Holiday Activities Winter 2018

Children aged 6+ are invited to immerse themselves in nature and be the first to see this world-first exhibition and digital project, Nature Imagined.

Based on the landscape paintings of renowned Australian artist, William Robinson, this unique interaction of art and science allows visitors to discover insights into Robinson’s painting techniques and the local landscapes and environments that inspire him. The Cube’s interactive project displays three William Robinson works in high resolution and visitors can zoom in on each of the artworks to see exquisite detail and discover fascinating facts about the landscapes.

Other activities on offer include Micro macro, a drop-in session which allows you to create your own artwork based on microscopic images and add it to the large collaborative collage. Children can also learn about geology from QUT scientists, explore missions in a digital scavenger hunt or unwind with wildlife and art-inspired books.

  • WHEN: Saturday 7 – Saturday 14 July 2018
  • TIME: 10am – 4pm
  • AGES: 6+
  • COST: Free

Find out which sessions are ‘drop in’, which need booking and which are wait listed.

Watch our video review of the QUT school holiday activities for winter 2018

Here is some previous stuff that we participated in during The Cube’s School Holiday Activities. It was just TOO good to get rid of. See for yourself and keep reading!

The Cube @ QUT School Holiday Activities January 2018

The Cube’s QUT School Holiday Activities offer families a chance to get up close and personal with SCIENCE! Here’s what they’re offering this time around (Jan 2018). Make sure to keep checking back as they rotate to keep up with what today’s science-mad kids are after. All of these activities are FREE and entry is from 6-14 Jan from 10am-4pm. These activities are suited to kids aged 5 and over.

Draw it – Code it! Summer QUT School Holiday Activities Program

The Cube at QUT

CODE IT. QUT School Holiday Activities

This is a hands-on workshop designed to help kids (and their parents) fine-tune their tech skills. They can become inventors, visit the drop-in maker space and find out cool robot and recycling facts via a treasure hunt. Kids will even be able to CODE a robot in a project called CODE-A-BOT!

They’ll design a robot in a 3D world and learn the basics of robotoics through an obstacle course called a Sphero. Cool! There’ll be a Code Coach on hand to assist.

The super-cool treasure hunt mentioned above uses digital technology and features in-game missions.

Younger kids are invited to design a bot in a cool blend of physical and digital space.

DRAW IT. QUT School Holiday Activities

Over at the QUT Art Museum kids are getting crafty and creative! Self-portraits, dress ups and shadow puppets are just the start of what’s on offer! What a great time of year to get your drama on and bring out that inner thespian!

There’s a MAKER SPACE where you can get crafty and there are 80’s style arcade games in a RETRO ARCADE that are sure to keep parents amused!

Check out our video for a sneak preview of what’s coming on 6th January, 2018 and visit The Cube’s website for more information.

What’s been on previously? (Old program)

These school holidays The Cube @ QUT is offering kids in Brisbane the opportunity to explore everyday physics in unexpected ways! They have a full program of activities running for 10 days in January 2017 and an exciting one day only event on the 7 January 2017 for kids to enjoy, learn, create, play and have fun with these summer holidays. Best of all – it’s FREE!

Physics Observatory School Holiday Program

The Cube @ QUT presents a free, hands-on school holiday program for kids and families to explore, experiment and engage with physics. From ball runs to paper planes and treasure hunts, there’s something for everyone these school holidays! Activities listed in program details below.

Ages: 3–12
Cost: Free
Where: The Cube, Science and Engineering Centre, Gardens Point Campus
When: 6–15 January, 2017
Time: 10am–4pm daily
More Info: Click here

10 Days of QUT School Holiday Activities include:

  • Physics Observatory Digital Project

Explore the Physics Observatory and learn about key historical figures, their experiments, and be able to play through different scenarios to discover key principles of physics. Find out more here.

  • Take to the Sky with Paper Planes

Everyone loves flying paper planes but did you know that physics affects the flight of your plane, from gravitational forces and aerodynamic lift to air drag. Get ready to start folding to see how high, fast and far your plane can fly! Find out more here.

  • Ball Run

ballrun QUT School Holiday Activities

What do speed, energy and motion have in common? Physics! Design a ball run with friends and family, using tubes and everyday materials, and compare how far and fast your ball can travel! Find out more here.

  • Physics Wiz Treasure Hunt

We’re going on a physics treasure hunt … will you join us? Collect your map on arrival and discover hidden elements of the Physics Observatory summer holiday program with family and friends. Find all the answers and receive a sticker! Find out more here.

  • Little Big Shots

Australia’s major annual and travelling children’s film festival is back. Little Big Shots have curated a special fun-filled science program for The Cube, featuring the best in local and international shorts and animations. Perfect for families and kids! Find out more here.

  • Minute Physics

Simply put: cool physics explained in minutes with time-lapsed drawings! Find out more here.

One Day Only – Physics Fun Day – 7 January 2017

QUT school holiday activities allow you to geek out with an extra dose of physics fun at the official opening of Physics Observatory Summer Holiday Program.

For one day only The Cube @ QUT school holiday activities will include a range of Physics-inspired workshops including Hula Hooping by Vulcana Women’s Circus, live science shows by Queensland’s own Street Science, your chance to play a 3D flight simulator game and Physics 101 workshops. Times and booking requirements vary, please see program details below.

Ages: 3–12
Cost: Free
Where: The Cube, Science and Engineering Centre, Gardens Point Campus
When: 7 January 2017
Time: 10am–4pm
More Info: Click here

One Day Only QUT School Holiday Activities include:

  • Hula Hooping (10am–2pm)

Have you ever wondered how hula-hoops stay on your waist whilst spinning, appearing to defy gravity? The answer can be explained through force, motion, friction and weight – in other words, physics! In this drop-in workshop, Vulcana Kids will facilitate a playful circus class for kids to explore everything they can do with hula-hoops.

  • Street Science (11am and 1pm; online bookings required)

Join Queensland’s own ‘Science Steve‘ for his famous explosive live science show ramped up and ready to feature physics at its best. From the science of light and sound featuring coloured fireballs, through to levitating objects and a little toilet humour, this is one show not to be missed!

  • Space Flight (10am-2pm)

spaceflight QUT School Holiday Activities

Houston, we’re going exploring! Launch your own spacecraft and venture to the far reaches of the solar system in the realistic 3D space flight simulator game, Orbiter.

  • Physics 101 (10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm; 30 minutes each demo; Ages 8+)

Ever wondered why the sky is blue? How air pressure compresses a plastic bottle? What causes a supernova to explode?

  • Physics Observatory Holiday Program (10am-4pm)

A range of activities will run throughout the day including Physics Observatory digital projectball runs and treasure hunts. And in smaller break-out rooms kids can enjoy quiet time with a science short and animated film festival by Little Big Shotspaper plane crafts and screenings by MinutePhysics

Watch our video of all the fun and find out all the details here:

Looking for more holiday fun?

Here are our tips on where to take your tweens and teens these holidays!

We’ve also created a list of the best kid-friendly school holiday activities in Brisbane.

Lastly, if things are feeling a little tight in the back pocket don’t despair! We’re all in the same boat. Check out our calendar of FREE activities on Brisbane’s Northside for the school holidays. We’ve listed one activity for every day of the Easter holidays!

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