City of LIGHTS!

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City of Lights is, to put it simply, a magical experience involving fairy lights across Brisbane. It’s here. It’s happening now. And it’s free. Why haven’t you seen it yet?

City of Lights – Brisbane comes to life after dark

At Families Magazine, we’re very aware of the demands that the modern family finds themselves under. Work, school, after school activities, commitments, socialising – it seems like you BLINK and the entire day is just gone! We’ve put together a little guide to some pretty cool activities you can do with kids after dark because we know that getting out there during the day just isn’t possible for many of us.

When we first heard about City of Lights, we sat up and took notice. How magical is this?!

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What is the City of Lights project?

It’s a granting scheme from the Brisbane City Council that encourages the creative lighting of different areas in the city and surrounds. The intention of the lights is to not only highlight the beauty of the area but also to instill that little sense of wonder to bring out the child in all of us.

Where can I find City of Lights setups and how long are they here for?

Baby, they are here to STAY. This range of public and private installations has no expiry date (at time of writing) so you’ve got plenty of time to take advantage and sit in awe.

The photos in this article come from the QUT Gardens Point site (it’s at the City Botanic Gardens end of the Goodwill Bridge).

Locations of fairy lights across Brisbane

  • Victoria Bridge, Brisbane City (Lights installed under the footpath)
  • King George Square, Brisbane City (Programmed colour changing lighting designed to project onto nearby building facades)
  • William Jolly Bridge, Brisbane City (Underneath the bridge has been lit to highlight the one-of-a-kind historical architectural features)
  • Queen Street Catenary Lighting, Brisbane City (Suspended lighting over Queen Street between Edward and Creek)
  • Reddacliff Place, Brisbane City (Gorgeous lit spheres that change colour)
  • Breakfast Creek Road (Ann and Wickham St), Fortitude Valley (Colour changing lighting installed at the base of six enormous pine trees)
  • East Street, Fortitude Valley (Fig tree at the corner of Ann and East Streets)
  • Bowen Park, Herston (Pine and fig trees)
  • City Botanic Gardens Domain, Brisbane City (This is the one pictured in our article at Gardens Point QUT Campus)
  • Captain Burke Park, Kangaroo Point (The feature fig tree)

City of Lights wide view

City of Lights – well worth the trip

Quite simply, the display at the City Botanic Gardens is breathtaking. Once the sun has set the lights underneath the trees give everything and everyone a soft glow. It’s incredibly beautiful, romantic and will absolutely entrance your children. Make sure you take advantage of this fabulous council initiative and have a look as soon as possible.

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  1. John Kalis says:

    When does the City Botanic Lights till ?

  2. Marie says:

    So glad to see some ideas for parents who can not do stuff with their kids during the day. I hope this will become a regular thing.

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