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Peppa Pig Party Ideas for Kids who Love Little Pink Pigs!

Are you looking for some great Peppa Pig Party Ideas? Oink! Don’t be a dinosaur, silly! Have a look at our list and see what you can use to make your party the best one ever – clever clogs!

PEPPA PIG Party Ideas For Little Piggies Everywhere!

Love her or loathe her, Peppa Pig is a perennial favourite of the pre-school set and kiddies are just mad about her antics. Robert Rabbit, Danny Dog, Susie Sheep and more make up Peppa’s cohort of giggling little friends who are always out and about causing trouble.

If you’re looking for Peppa Pig party ideas here are some hints and tips that might get you started. You’ll be rolling on the floor with laughter at the end of the episode before you know it!

Decorating – An English Country Garden

Peppa and friends live in an idyllic country setting (albeit with some oddly steep hills). You can replicate this simply and sweetly by using lots of white, polka dots and ‘grass’ placemats like in this picture. You’ll find tablecloths, tablemats and party hats aplenty in any variety of cheap stores.

peppa pig party ideas decorations

Other potential decorating ideas include:

  • Cutting out flat, 2D ‘sets’ and tacking them to the wall (a flat TV, a flat dinner table)
  • Lots of dinosaur plushies around for George to play with!
  • School mats and desks


Peppa generally eats healthily with only junk food occasionally (or when Daddy pig is being naughty!). A great excuse for some fruit trays and healthy snacks. Fresh from Grandpa Pig’s prize-winning garden!

peppa pig party ideas fruit

You could also have:

  • Chocolate Mousse cups as “Muddy Puddles”
  • Dinosaur Donuts
  • Lemonade in dispensers or special Peppa Pig cups
  • Peppa Pig cupcakes

Peppa Pig Party Ideas – Party Favours

Of course, no Peppa Pig Party would be complete without a little take-home goodness! For these we would recommend something simple. Bubbles, a small Peppa toy and a little fake pig nose!

peppa pig party ideas bags

You don’t have to feel the pressure to make your own – again, they sell these types of bags in KMart and the like!

Party Games

What children’s party is complete without party games? Musical chairs and What’s The Time, Mr Wolf? feature quite heavily in Peppa episodes so they could easily be adapted to your party. Here is a list of suggestions. 

Have you had a Peppa Pig party? Ideas appreciated! Let us know what worked for you (or what didn’t) and we can add it to our list!

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