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Popular Hobbies for Kids | Indoor and Outdoor Activities in Brisbane

Hobbies for kids are a great way to help them learn about the world and themselves

Hobbies are born from a spark of passion and can grow into a lifelong interest. It may even be the starting point for a child’s adult career. The young child who collects rocks and spends countless hours categorising and labelling them may grow up to be a geologist. Or the yougn child who enjoys mapping the stars in their notebook night after night may grow up to be an astronomer.

The educational benefits of having a hobby are invaluable. Self-directed learning builds an intrinsic confidence and sense of achievement within the child, and they learn essential skills such as how to make decisions and set achievable goals. Intellectual benefits aside, when your child finds a hobby that grabs their interest they will be having fun, which is what drives us to be lifelong learners and achieve mastery in the first place.

Top hobbies for kids – helping your kids choose a hobby

If you find something which interests you, there is no better time to start than now! When your kids see you doing something they will tend to replicate it, so by creating your own hobby your children are more likely to start their own. Fun hobbies for kids may start as a passing interest in your hobby and become their own!

A great way to help your child find an area of interest is to get out there and start discovering! Visit museums and art galleries; walk through old op-shops and collectors studios to marvel at the collections and inventions of the previous century. They will likely relish the opportunity to talk to you, and in the process discover what really interests them.

Here we have compiled a list of hobbies for kids – some are outdoor hobbies and some are indoor hobbies – to get you and your child started. We think this is a list of great hobbies for kids! What do you think?

List of hobbies for kids – Outdoor hobbies

  • Hobbies that require critical thinking and problem solving

Astronomy: get a picnic blanket and find a grassy knoll where you can lay back together and do some stargazing. If they are keen to know more you may want to invest in a telescope or sign them up with a kids stargazing group at the Brisbane Astronomical Society. This will enable them to learn more about recording the stars positions, physics and the universe. Cool hobbies for kids have never been more fun!


Giant Jenga: What’s more fun than Jenga? Giant Jenga! Get out into the backyard or park and teach your kids the great problem solving of trying to keep a Jenga tower standing for as long as they can!

  • Hobbies that require orderly and sequential thinking

Watching and collecting live specimens: set up a tank in the garage with a natural habitat so your child can start collecting and observing bug species. If they enjoy doing this supply them with a journal to record basic information such as the name, life stages, size, weight, appearance, native habitat and diet of each creature. Even scientists draw their own pictures when recording information so encourage your kids to do this too.

Photography: Long gone are the days when a photography hobby meant forking out hundreds of dollars for a bulky camera. Kids are now so gadget clever and can create truly special images with a click of an iPhone! Bring them out into nature and see what shadows and light take their fancy

  • Hobbies that require physical and mental dexterity

Sports: there is no hobby more popular than outdoor sports. Whether it’s a team sport such as soccer or football, or a singular activity like skateboarding or swimming it is worth encouraging. Get them some basic equipment to practice at home and if they’re keen sign them up for some lessons- it’s also a great way to help your child to make friends.

Skipping: Great for heart health and learning rhythm, it’s just a bonus that a skipping rope is so easy to take anywhere and everywhere! Skipping rope is fun for all ages and certainly of the healthiest kids’ hobbies. Get jumping!

  • Hobbies that require an attuned mind and fine motor skills

Gardening: Dig up a line of dirt or buy some pots and a packet of seeds. Most children love to get their hands dirty and will thoroughly enjoy growing their own garden. They will learn about the processes of living things and gain a deeper understanding of how food is grown. Gardening will help your child to learn the skills of nurturing, patience and to build an appreciation for the beauty of nature.

hobbies for kids

Drone Flying: If you are thinking about getting a drone for your child as a hobby this could be a great idea. They improve manual dexterity and could be a great way to get them outside and away from screens! If a few friends are into drone flying, you could find that they are spending more time outside and practicing their flying skills! If you are looking for one we recommend the range at the Australian Geographic Shop. Click here.

Sidewalk Murals: A perfect art activity for a bright and sunny day. Grab some chalk and watch the kids fine-tune their drawing skills on the sidewalk. Learning to turn what they see around them – or in their imaginations – into drawings in the great outdoors is a great option when thinking of kids hobbies.

List of hobbies for kids – Indoor hobbies

  • Hobbies that require critical thinking and problem solving

Technology: Whether you choose to provide your child with a Lego robotics kit or they would prefer to invent something from scratch, building technological devices from start to finish can be a great hobby for children who like to get involved in complex concepts and problems. If your child wants to learn more, QUT often hosts Lego Leagues for kids. Here they can learn more about STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and do so in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Puzzles: From a small jigsaw of their favourite cartoon character to a giant task that takes the whole family a week – it will amaze you how quickly children master and excel at the art of puzzles! Even stumping us adults at times, this hobby encourages problem solving and teaches kids to not give up even when they feel frustrated!

  • Hobbies that require orderly and sequential thinking

Collections: the idea of collecting objects is making a comeback and the great thing about collecting is that it can be based on anything that takes one’s fancy. I have known people to collect stamps, dolls, rocks- even statues of owls! The list of collectors’ ideas is endless, and every piece has its own story which is why it can be so appealing.

Piano: Could your mini me be the next Mozart? Research has shown that musical instruments are one of the most beneficial hobbies for kids – teaching sequential thinking and self-discipline. There are plenty of classes for kids over 5 years old, but if you think your tiny tot has got magic fingers then even a small electric keyboard can make hours of fun.

Scrapbooking: Does your child absolutely love dogs? Or maybe you have a little train fan? Channel that passion into a great hobby for kids – scrapbooking! It’s so much fun for kids to keep an eye out for pictures of their favourite things in magazines, books or newspapers. A great hobby to work on bit by bit and the end result is a fantastic collection of their favourite thing in one special spot!

  • Hobbies that require physical and mental dexterity

Cooking: Most parents cook at least one meal every day, but with the increasing amount of cooking shows on T.V. it is becoming a popular past time even amongst kids! Learning about flavour combinations, cooking time, temperature and measurements they will also being learning skills needed as adults in day to day life, so it is worth providing them a little space to make some mess to learn an important skill in the process.


Yoga: Kids and relaxing – an unlikely pairing. However, you will be amazed how well nimble young bodies can learn yoga stretches! Best of all, it is an enjoyable physical hobby that can be done indoors with the help of Youtube tutorials especially for junior yogi’s or simply some chilled-out music to set the vibe. Likely the most peaceful of kids’ hobbies!

  • Hobbies that require an attuned mind and fine motor skills

Art: This is the sort of hobby that can travel with your child wherever they go. All they need is a set of pencils for shading, a sharpener, eraser, and a blank paper pad. When they’re at home, pull out some paints and they can practice working with colour. Visit an art gallery together, look up some artists websites, or enrol them in a children’s art class such as ZoomArt for Kids at Flying Fox Studios, Brisbane. Here they will learn all about colour, texture, line and how to interpret the world around them as something beautiful.

Origami: We all knew someone in primary school that was a master of origami – now that someone can be your child! Teaching excellent fine motor skills and patience, origami is a more cultured option when thinking of hobbies for kids. A great opportunity for your child to explore their creativity and think of endless options for their origami creations.

Sculpting: Whether you use clay like a pro or settle for playdough, sculpting can an excellent option when finding hobbies for kids! Set a task and see the kids do their own visions of a theme or let their imagination run wild and see what they come up with.

We can all find our shine

when we schedule some hobby time…

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