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Tawa Yoga | Youth Yoga for Children from 3 Years Old to Teens!


Children from toddlers to teens are so much busier today than they have ever been! In a world full of distractions and over stimulation, Yoga supports young people to focus, find calmness, self acceptance and self-awareness in a non-competitive atmosphere. Introducing youth yoga to a Child, Tween or Teen in their formative years, when their minds are receptive to learning, will help your child both on and off the mat. As parents themselves, the Tawa Yoga instructors recognise that children have different needs and offer classes for 3-5 year old for children not yet at school, 5-8 year old for early primary, 9-11 year old Tweens and 12+ Teens. Their Youth Yoga classes run as a school term and workshops will be offered during school holidays. 

Youth Yoga for children
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Tawa Yoga for Children in Pre-Primary and Primary

Tawa Yoga offers 45-minute classes during the day for Pre-Primary children and after school for Primary children. Fun and imaginative sessions, encouraging children to move and pause mindfully with joy. Filled with fun and games, adventures, stories and creativity for curious minds and active bodies. Each class closes with a peaceful guided savasana helping children learn the skills to relax and be still. They will come home happy, calm and peaceful.

Tawa Yoga for Teens

Teens improving flexibility through yoga
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Tawa Yoga offers one-hour weekend classes in Ashtanga for teens; a stimulating, creative, and playful class with a foundation in the Ashtanga primary series. Postures will be challenging and achievable to help teenagers overcome fears, strengthen focus and build self confidence and balance both on and off the mat. Teens will have the opportunity to engage in healthy ways to experiment, take risks, and explore their bodies abilities. Teachings that promote gratitude, compassion, acceptance, intuition, and presence are incorporated. Savasana, guided breathing, and meditation practices at the end of each class will help teens relax, unwind and find peace within.

Yoga for teen boys and girls
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Youth Yoga Birthday Parties!

Are you looking for an alternative to a heart pumping, sugar high birthday party for your Child, Tween, Teen?  Is your child seeking a calm atmosphere to celebrate their birthday in a space to create, explore and find joy in yoga or simply something different to the ‘usual’ birthday party?  Do you want to pick up a calm and blissful child at the end? Then Tawa Yoga has just what you have been looking for: beautiful birthday party offerings for young yogis from 3-years old to teens.

Yoga birthday party
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Get in touch with Tawa Yoga

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Tawa Yoga would love to discuss their Youth Yoga offerings with you! Please see their website www.tawayoga.com.au for more information and bookings or call 0488 110 298.
Location: Suite 2, Unit 14, 53 Metroplex Avenue, Murrarie

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