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Dance Classes in Toowoomba for Kids and Adults

Whether you’ve got a budding mini ballerina or you want to learn some dance moves of your own, there’s an incredible selection of dance classes in Toowoomba just waiting for you and your kids to don your dance shoes.

Dance classes in Toowoomba for toddlers and kids

Ohhhh… I wanna dance with somebody…. most people know the benefits of dance, so here are some awesome dance classes for kids and adults in Toowoomba. All suitable for a range of ages and ability levels. Your kids will love dancing like nobody is watching!

Dance Force

Dance Force is a community-oriented dance school that balances both skill and fun. Kids can start off in baby ballet from a young age and can stay with the school until they become young adults. They offer hip-hop, jazz, tap, contemporary, classical ballet, and acrobatics classes. 

JE Dance House

JE Dance House runs professional dance classes in a safe, nurturing and friendly environment for children aged 2 and up. They offer classes in a variety of styles, including; ballet, jazz, tap, Irish dancing, contemporary, acrobatics, hip-hop, and musical theatre. 

Garden City Dance

Garden City Dance is a safe, friendly and supportive community that is run and taught by Jacqui Hoole. They offer dance classes for kids aged 3 and up, including classical ballet (7 years +) and contemporary dance (9 years +). 

Dance classes in Toowoomba for the whole family

dance classes in toowoomba
Dads can learn to dance too!

If you are looking for dance classes to suit the whole family, there are a range to choose from.

Dance Central

Dance Central is the largest studio in the Toowoomba region. With more than 12 years experience, they offer classes in:

  • Mums and bubs – for kids aged 2-3 years
  • Pre-school dance – learn the basics and have FUN
  • Classical ballet – pre-primary to grade 8 and vocational grades
  • Jazz and Tap – all ages
  • Musical theatre – 8 years and over
  • Hip Hop – 8 years and over
  • Acrobatics – 8 years and over
  • Drama – primary school and up
  • Ready, Set, Dance! – jazz, tap, hip-hop, singing and music (ages 2-5)
  • Adult dance classes – get fit and have fun!

Le Dance

Le Dance has run dance classes in Toowoomba for more than 10 years. For a vibrant, loving, safe and supportive environment, Le Dance is your go to. They also offer private classes. They offer jazz, tap and ballet classes for ages 3 through to adult. Their classes are organised as below:

  • LDPA Petite – Baby Ballet is for 18 months to 2 years and Preschool is for 3 to 4 years
  • LDPA Junior – for 5 to 10 years – classes in ballet, jazz, tap, acro, hiphop and lyrical
  • LDPA Inters & Seniors – for 10 to 15 years plus – a recreational program with classes in ballet, jazz, tap, acro, hiphop and lyrical
  • Private Classes
  • Birthday Parties

Toowoomba Physie and Dance

Toowoomba Physie and Dance run classes for women of all ages in physie. Physie is a dance sport that combines elements of modern dance, ballet, Pilates and gymnastics. These classes will see you develop core strength, balance, flexibility, posture, confidence, sportsmanship, teamwork and friendships. There are so many incredible benefits of dancing with Toowoomba Physie and Dance.

Pinnacle Dance Academy 

Pinnacle Dance Academy are an inclusive and affordable dance studio. They offer classes in Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, Acrodance, Allstar Cheer, Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theatre and Circus. Through these classes you will develop life skills, sportsmanship, self esteem, confidence and teamwork. The classes available are:

  • Pinnacle Petites – five months up to six years  
  • Circus and Aerial Classes – 3 years to adults  
  • Acro Dance  
  • Cheerleading and Tumble 
  • Hip Hop 
  • Jazz 
  • Lyrical/Contemporary 
  • Ballet 
  • Inclusive Dance Program 
  • Musical Theatre and Drama Club 
  • Singing Lessons 
  • Adults Dance Classes 

Dance Stars 

Dance Stars gives young performers the chance to perform at community events around Toowoomba. They offer classes for kids aged 3 and up. Here you have the opportunity to display talent, build confidence and enjoy the fun of performing for crowds. Their styles of dance include; jazz, hip-hop, contemporary and acrobatics. 

FAD Cheer & Dance

FAD Cheer & Dance has many studios around Queensland and has been teaching young performers how to dance for over 30 years. They offer classes in jazz, hip-hop, cheer leading, contemporary and tumbling. They also offer competition teams. 


dance classes in toowoomba
Learning to dance as a family!

Bluerhythmix has been providing dance classes in Highfield for over 15 years. They offer classes in ballet, tap, jazz and contemporary for kids aged 3 all the way up to adults. The class list includes:

  • Junior Classes – ages 3 to 6
  • Ballet – ages 7+
  • Jazz and Tap – ages 7+
  • Contemporary – ages 8+
  • Hip Hop – ages 5+
  • Adult Classes

Aspire Dance Academy 

Aspire Dance Academy encourages a very supportive and caring environment, allowing students to expand their self-confidence and make lifelong friends. They offer classes in ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap and hip-hop for kids aged 3 and up. Here you will flourish in skills of confidence, coorindation, balance, strength, flexibility, cognitive development.

AllStar Gymnastics

Allstar Gymnastics pride themselves on providing foundational movement skills and providing opportunities for brain and body development. Not only is it super fun, but here they encourage confidence, resilience, social skills and team work. They truly have a class for everybody from 6 weeks and beyond! See an overview of classes available below taken straight from their website – 

  • Babystars – 6 weeks to 12 months – get out of the house and share movement with your baby 
  • Steppingstars – ages up to 2 years (confident walkers) – introduce and practice Dominant movement patterns 
  • Kinderstars – 2 to 3.5 years old – practicing dominant movement patterns and fine motor skill development 
  • Ministars – 3.5 to 5 years – fundamental gymnastic skills, play based activities and school-readiness development  
  • Gym Fundamentals – 5 to 7 years – learn to love movement while jumping, swinging, bouncing, climbing, tumbling and having heaps of fun 
  • Ninja – 5 to 12 years – a massive variety based class of a mixture of tumbling, trampolining, acrobatics, circus skills, parkour and the ninja course 
  • Club Gymnastics – 6 to 18 years – over ten levels of classes, children will progress their understanding of basic movement patterns and develop their balance, strength, flexibility and coordination 
  • Trampolining – 5 to 18 years – non-competitive program that teaches trampoline and tumbling skills 
  • Extra Needs – 3 to 18 years – for kids to experience gymnastics and all the amazing physical and cognitive benefits, helps achieve NDIS goals 
  • Adult Gym – 18 to 49 years – ncorporate gymnastics skills on the full range of men’s and women’s apparatus, combined with strength, conditioning and flexibility training 
  • Stronger Seniors – seniors aged 50 and over – low-impact movement class that incorporates the benefits of gymnastics into a movement program, and provides ongoing physiological stimulation to keep older bodies and minds active and healthy 

Truly something for everybody!  

La Crème Dance Academy  

La Crème Dance Academy offer a safe and supportive environment where you can dance at a recreational or competitive level. You will build on so many skills including self-esteem, work ethics and self-discipline. Whilst ofcourse moving your body in a fun and creative way! Below are the class options – 

  • La Crème Minis – Turning 2 and 3 years – nourish your childs first year of dance with fun props and engaging music 
  • La Crème Kids – Turning 3 and 4 years – a combination of ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, aerial and acro 
  • Beginner Classes – Turning 5, 6 and 7 years – class options of aerial, acro, ballet, and a combo class of jazz/hip hop and tap 
  • Intermediate and Advanced Adult – class options of aerial (silk and lyra), jazz and hip hop, classic ballet and pointe, acro, tap, contemporary/lyrical and cabaret/heels.  

So many options for all ages and dance interests! 

Radiance Academy Toowoomba 

Radiance Academy Toowoomba offer a range of dance classes in a family focused and friendly environment. All dancers are welcomed to enjoy the beautiful studios. They offer classes in classical ballet, PBT, tap, jazz, hip hop, acrobatics, contemporary, musical theatre, adults, toddlers, vocational training, performance teams and our dance for Parkinson’s community class. Here are a list of the classes that are on offer –  

  • Boys Club 
  • Toddler Classes 
  • Classes for three, four and give year olds 
  • Classes for grades one to nine 
  • Senior high dance classes 
  • Excellence Program 
  • Performance Teams 
  • Over 55’s Dance Class 
  • Adult Classes 
  • Private Lessons 

You are absolutely spoiled for choice at Radiance Academy.  

Dance classes in Toowoomba just for mum and dad

These venues are just for grown ups.

Just Rock Toowoomba

Just Rock Toowoomba offers weekly dance lessons and monthly social dances in good old time rock’n’roll.

Dance classes in Toowoomba for kids and adults

As you can see, Toowoomba has a fantastic range of dance schools available. The range of venues cater for all ages, abilities and interests. We know you will love not only moving your body, but making lifelong friends during the process. Enjoy having a groove!

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