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Queensland Performers Academy (QPA) offers classes in a diverse range of curriculum from the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), Australian Teachers of Dance (ATOD) and Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dance (CSTD).

Classes at Queensland Performers Academy

QPA offers six levels of classes pertinent to age and experience encompassing;

  • ballet
  • tap
  • jazz
  • hip hop
  • contemporary
  • acrobatics
  • musical theatre

Exams, performance, competition and concert work is available to all students and although participation is not compulsory it is encouraged. They also have a very special buddy program for our QPcuties who are partnered with senior students for ballet class on Saturday morning. This program is designed to enhance student progression, foster relationships within the school community and develop cognitive skills in our older students.

Classes are available on Saturday mornings and after school, with children as young as 2-years old invited to join.

Why choose Queensland Performers Academy?

Students at QPA enjoy a fun learning environment that encourages team work, collaboration and achievement. Every child from 2 years onwards is invited to be part of a supportive and caring community that encourages and fosters individuality and sets students on the journey to personal success.

QPA Director Miss Grace Willett believes dance plays an important part in the education and development of children and as such pursues furthering her own knowledge in fields of dance, education, psychology and sports science. Her team of dedicated and qualified teachers share this passion and together strive to make dance a positive and important part of our students lives.

Find out more about QPA

Call: 0435 355 781

Email: grace@qpacademy.com.au

Website: www.qpacademy.com.au


19 Burke Street, Woolloongabba

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