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Lifeline Bookfest 2021 | Brisbane Bookfest

Lifeline Bookfest
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The Lifeline Bookfest is a book lover’s heaven. With well over 4 kilometres worth of second hand books and so much more, the Brisbane Bookfest is a whole day out that is not to be missed.

Update for 2021: Unfortunately the Brisbane Lifeline Bookfest will not be going ahead in January, but Lifeline are working on bringing it back as soon as possible. In the meantime, check out their pop-up book shop on Level 2 of the Myer Centre in Brisbane City. There are 180 tables of books and DVDs from $2.50. Opening hours:

  • Mon-Wed, 8.30am-4pm
  • Thurs-Fri, 8.30am-6pm
  • Sat-Sun, 10am-4pm

Lifeline Bookfest Brisbane 2020 Information

When is Lifeline Bookfest?

The Lifeline Bookfest is a long running second-hand book festival held several times a year all over Australia, including in Brisbane. The next Lifeline Bookfest in Brisbane will run – TBC. You can visit at any time during the day that suits you, however, it is advised to visit as early as possible in order to get the greatest selection of millions of quality books.

Where is the Lifeline Bookfest held and how can I get there?

The Lifeline Bookfest is always held in the same place in Brisbane – The Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (Corner of Merivale and Glenelg St in South Brisbane). The Bookfest is always located in Halls 3 and 4 of the Exhibition Centre. There are plenty of signs everywhere so it isn’t hard to miss. Entry is always free.

Getting there is easy as you have plenty of transport options to choose from. For train travellers, the Exhibition Centre is a ten-minute walk from the South Brisbane Train Station. It is also close by to the Cultural Centre Busway for bus travellers. Did you know that kids travel on public transport for FREE on the weekends? 

If you are thinking of driving to the Lifeline Bookfest, be sure to check out the discounted parking codes that can be used at the venue’s Secured car park. Use our code FAMILIES for a discounted booking! You can book via the Secure Parking website. We would suggest parking in SW1 if you can swing it as it’s by far the closest.

Find more tips for cheap city parking  here.

How much is entry?

The  Lifeline Bookfest is free entry for all who attend so you can save your money to spend on books!

What kind of books can you find?

pile of books stacked on side - Lifeline bookfest

The Lifeline Bookfest is usually made up of three sections – the $1 section, the $2 section and the main section where prices can vary, but usually go from $5 to $7. All three sections offer quality books, so be sure to peruse all three of them!

There are heaps of different genres to look in, from fiction to science to cooking to philosophy. There are also several huge tables of children’s books. Ranging from old classics to brand new editions and from picture books to young adult novels, there is something for every child. Last Bookfest saw books from authors such as Paul Jennings (Deadly! And Wicked! series), Lemony Snicket (Series of Unfortunate Events), R.L. Stine (Goosebumps series) and Anthony Horrowitz (Alex Rider series).

Despite it’s very specific name, the Lifeline Bookfest doesn’t just sell books. Among the four kilometres of shelves there are also second hand board games, comics, DVDs and CDs. It’s the perfect place for families to pick up cheap entertainment for the kids that is also of high quality.

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Are there bags provided?

When it comes to carrying your books around the bookfest, it’s best advised that you bring along either a big sturdy bag or a trolley. As you may find yourself with a huge amount of cheap books, a trolley is probably your best options. Don’t own a trolley? You can hire one for a small cost.

At the end of your book finding spree, you’ll be pleased to know that the checkout is quick and simple for each section. A line of volunteers will wrap your books in a plastic bag so they know you bought them from that section. You will also receive the choice of paying with either cash or EFTPOS, so there is no need to take out cash if you don’t carry it.

Any other advice?

Wear comfy shoes! With over four kilometres of tables, you will be spending a few good hours browsing books, DVDs, records and other items. If you bring the kids along, make sure they have an idea of the books they want. The books at the bookfest aren’t in any particular order, so you may have to have a good rummage in order to find any specific titles. The best part about Bookfest is discovering new books so your kids may even pick up a few new favourites along the way.

Can I donate books to the Bookfest?

Do you have a bunch of books you don’t read anymore? Consider donating them to the Lifeline Bookfest. The Lifeline Bookfest survives on donations from the general public! You can either bulk donate them to a Lifeline shop or place them in the giant containers once you get into the Bookfest venue. They’re right outside the entrance so they’re easy to spot! For larger bulk donations call (07) 3632 1010

If you’re an avid book reader and you have time to spare, be sure to visit the Lifeline Bookfest. You’ll get some amazing books for both you and the kids at an affordable price.

Looking for something else to do after or before Bookfest?

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  2. Peter BRADY says:

    A brand new set of Great Books of the Western World in mint condition, about 60 books in all. May be worth a significant amount. How can I donate them for the next Lifeline Bookfest?

  3. Geneva says:

    Pleeeeeeease do a bookfest in Melbourne!!!!

  4. carol nelson says:

    dear bookfest, would love to see a fest in Melbourne. As it is such a good money spinner, wondering why it could not be organised in other cities.
    You guys did a magnificent job in Brisbane, thankyou for that service.

  5. Charline says:

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a similar festival in Adelaide. I went in Brisbane many times and would love to refill my bookshelves 🙂

  6. Bob Dodman says:

    I need the date for the Bookfest in Toowoomba.

  7. maree Lees says:

    Can you let me know the dates for this event for 2019 please if available
    Thank you

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