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Kenmore State School

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Why Choose Kenmore State School?

Kenmore State School has four core priorities – Improving Reading, Improving Numeracy, Improving Writing and Quality Teaching. The school is highly regarded with a supportive community around it. Teachers focus on giving a high level of instruction and regular feedback to students to improve learning.

Curriculum and Extracurricular activities offered:

In addition to the core curriculum, Kenmore State School offers a number of extra-curricular activities.

Students are offered instrumental music tuition, and the opportunity to take part in competitions. There are also choirs and performances.

The Interschool sporting program gives students the opportunity to develop sporting skills and compete at District, Regional and State representative events. Swimming and tennis lessons are also offered through the P&C Community Education Program, and there are AFL and Oz Tag clinics.

The school offers a STEM Science Program and science extension programs, as well as programs for Life Education and Relationships Education.

Other activities include the Chess Club and Chess tuition, and the Premier’s Reading Challenge.

Kenmore State School has annual School Camps and Excursions for Year 5 students, along with Middle School transition activities arranged in partnership with Kenmore State High School.

Facilities at Kenmore State School:

All classroom areas are Wifi enabled and fitted with interactive whiteboards. The school has more than 125 computers in three different functional computer spaces, and a fully stocked resource centre that gives students instant access to a consistent level of information.

There are two multi-purpose centres for indoor sport and performances, and a 25 metre pool that students use during school PE Lessons. The school has a full size oval, two tennis courts, a netball court, three adventure playgrounds, and two major play areas protected by shade sails.

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